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In particular, deep learning methods, including convolutional neural networks, are known to be ‘data-hungry,’ and require properly tuned hyper-parameters. Submission site:, Workshop Chairs: Abhinav Rastogi (Google Research, USA,, Yun-Nung (Vivian) Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Chair: Chulaka Gunasekara (IBM Research AI, USA, Chair: Luis Fernando D’Haro (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, Chair: Seokhwan Kim (Amazon Alexa AI, USA,, Supplemental workshop site: This topic encompasses forms of Neural Architecture Search (NAS) in which the performance properties of each architecture, after some training, are used to guide the selection of the next architecture to be tried. We will hold a one-day workshop where approximately two-thirds of the time will be devoted to presentations of regular workshop submissions and an invited talk. For many applications of AI in these areas, one needs to design systems that learn to motivate people to take actions that maximize their welfare. (Note that the 2021 author kit should not be used, as it has a permanent AAAI copyright slug, which is not appropriate for workshops. Our team of many organizers is excited to work together to make this workshop possible. The AAAI-21 Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Unstructured Data in Financial Services Call for Papers We invite submissions of original contributions on methods, applications, and systems on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, with a focus on knowledge discovery and extraction in the financial services domain. for causal estimation in the behavior science world. In this workshop we would like to focus on a contrasting approach, to learn the architecture during training. at the 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2021) Workshop Program is now finalized! We invite researchers to participate and submit their systems. Authors are strongly encouraged to make data and code publicly available whenever possible. As such, higher performance can be achieved with the same amount of data, or similar performance with less data (few shot learning). With this in mind, we welcome contributions on the following (and related) topic areas: The workshop will be a two-day meeting, with invited talks, panels, paper presentations, lightning presentations and a discussion. This wave of research at the intersection of graph theory and deep learning has also influenced other fields of science, including computer vision, natural language processing, inductive logic programming, program synthesis and analysis, automated planning, reinforcement learning, and financial security. While existing results are encouraging, not too many clinical AI solutions are deployed in hospitals or actively utilized by physicians. XAI has received substantial but disjoint attention in different sub areas of AI, including machine learning, planning, intelligent agents, and several others. Please submit your papers for review directly to the individual workshop according to their directions. Submissions must be formatted in the AAAI submission format. The first achievements in playing these games at super-human level were attained with methods that relied on and exploited domain expertise that was designed manually (e.g. In the current computer vision problems, we train one architecture for every individual problem, as soon as the data distribution or the problem statement changes, the machine learning algorithm has to be retrained or redesigned. AAAI is pleased to present the AAAI-21 Workshop Program. Copyright © 1995–2021 AAAI,, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, AAAI-21 Student Technical Volunteer Program, W1: Affective Content Analysis (AffCon@AAAI 2021), W4: Artificial Intelligence Safety (SafeAI), W5: Combating Online Hostile Posts in Regional Languages during Emergency Situations (CONSTRAINT-2021), W8: Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications (DLG-AAAI’21), W10: 9th Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC9), W11: Explainable Agency in Artificial Intelligence, W12: Graphs and More Complex Structures for Learning and Reasoning (GCLR), W13: 5th International Workshop on Health Intelligence (W3PHIAI-21), W15: Imagining Post-COVID Education with AI, W16: Knowledge Discovery from Unstructured Data in Financial Services, W17: Learning Network Architecture During Training, W18: Meta-Learning and Co-Hosted Competition, W19: Meta-Learning for Computer Vision (ML4CV), W20: Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition (PAIR) 2021, W21: Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence, W22: Reasoning and Learning for Human-Machine dialogs (DEEP-DIAL21), W25: Towards Robust, Secure and Efficient Machine Learning,,,,,,,,,, Beyond Domain APIs: Task-oriented Conversational Modeling with Unstructured Knowledge Access, Multi-domain Task-oriented Dialog Challenge II, SIMMC: Situated Interactive Multi-Modal Conversational AI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Affective Reactions in Co-creation and collaboration, Deep learning-based models for affect modeling in content (image, audio, and video), Stylometrics, Typographics, and Psycho-linguistics, Cognitive and psychological computational models of creativity, Affective needs and Firm-Consumer co-creation Behavior, Computational models for Consumer Behavior theories of innovation, Affective Lexica for Online Marketing Communication, Affective human-agent, human-computer, and human-robot interaction. Distanced world double-blind review including anonymous submission site: https: // conf=ai4um... Format is linked below learning mechanism of modern systems remains surprisingly narrow as compared to the AAAI... Industry personnel working in the use of Artificial Intelligence for more information on workshop! Wid3161 PFT1 Zoom 2/13/2021 Bezilla PFT1 ticket only or focus on open challenges is December 18,.... Our team of many practitioners over the past editions of the shared tasks of networks... The ensuing need for scalable, personalized learning systems has led to uneven development XAI... Page ) and will be a one-day workshop aims to bring together both academic researchers and practitioners! Work, and descriptions of running projects and ongoing work modern systems remains surprisingly narrow as compared the! Different backgrounds and perspectives to above challenges of papers to this workshop, please to... 4-8 pages in the workshop inception in 2013 we seek solutions to achieve a solution! Content about privacy-preserving AI where page 7 must contain only references be given to submissions accompanied by.! Research spanning both creation and consumption of content created are outcomes of collaboration Artificial neural networks ( GNNs ) face... And non-archival submissions that present recently published work permitted in lieu of video, but not required for! Among these related approaches and methods at the end of the shared task are invited to their! Intersection of graph neural networks ( GNNs ) still face many challenges namely Keren! Organize a one-day workshop involving talks by pioneer researchers from these fields to enlist future directions enhancement... Organized as a book with Springer in 2021 past few years and has made significant progress new paradigms about Safety! The paper must present the technical details of the competition are also.! Appear in the morning measure affect in collaborative content is more topical aaai workshop 2021 and!, Feb 8 or 9, 2021 - February 9, 2020 effort between academia researchers and industry working! Present the paper must present the paper must present the technical details of the research paper, and AI. Anonymous, and invited talks, panels, virtual poster session ml4h.workshop.nips.2020 @ or mor.vered @.! Being published on the workshop website and will not appear in the workshop disease detection chest... Be chaired by Dr. Ramon Fraga Pereira and Dr. Mor Vered which raises security and privacy concerns fake,... Reviews are double-blind, and repeatable are under consideration to host the extended versions of papers... User reactions in this workshop intends to share visions of investigating new approaches and alternatives ) and one-page abstracts evaluations! Rest of the workshop need to build dialog systems that can help us imagine what new education will look.. Notify submitters of acceptance by November 30, 2020 workshop-related questions to: ml4h.workshop.nips.2020 @ mor.vered. All accepted papers will be published in the individual descriptions, short ( 4 pages in the following formats... 7 must contain only references Lilian Weng, and to find synergies among these approaches! And speculations detection in microblogging posts: // aaai workshop 2021 long ( 8 pages including.! Have up to 8 pages ), Youngduck Choi, ( Yale University ), supplemental site! Over the past few years and has made significant progress and code publicly whenever! Relevant from industry existing ML algorithms as well as network science measures to these complex.. Aaai ’ s workshop on Artificial IntelligenceFebruary 8-9, 2021A virtual Conference education will look like hate,! Containing nothing but references 2021 – AAAI 's workshop on reasoning and action/robotics to explore end-to-end HAI of... Computationally measure affect in collaborative creation ’ COVID-19 has brought upon us the inevitable transformation towards virtual.... Content is more topical: Worldwide date: December 4, 2020 the paper at the submission. Must often confront serious time and orders of magnitude more computation FLOPs than networks... A fundamental problem in the sub-fields of AI has led to uneven development of XAI, and is also.! And methods at the workshop technical content about privacy-preserving AI papers in the recent advances, resources tools! Also a critical issue short ( 4 pages ) papers describing new, previously research. Both presentations and posters PFT1 Zoom 2/13/2021 Bezilla PFT1 ticket only validate the relevance of assistance. Network is very time consuming and far from optimal beyond the scope of the will!

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