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It surprised me, but it seems like most manufacturers are beginning to eliminate this feature from their audio interfaces. All of these connections are placed nicely at the back of the box, tucking away your wires out of site. We’re going to take a look at the five different types of connectors that you’ll need to consider to get the best audio interface for your home studio. However, we do like the fact that you don’t have to run around to find the right headphones with the right plug for the headphone jack, or to search for an adapter, since the plugs are already there. It has a unique analog circuitry and great sound preamps, ideal for serious music producers, mixing, and mastering engineers. Bottom-line, the Scarlett 2i2 is one of the best audio interfaces for home studio. However, given its purpose, as a simple iPad and computer audio interface that you can carry around, these downsides may be negligible for your tastes. So if you love the Steinberg UR28M, but also may need more connections for some reason (maybe you’re recording a band or group of musicians) you can check out the options in the link below. Rating: 5 out of 5. For zero-latency direct monitoring, we have a fader to mix between our DAW and analog inputs. If you don’t use an audio interface and DSP, your laptop will rely solely on its sound card which will never provide the same quality and lack of latency as an audio interface. It offers one of the highest quality and power you can get from an audio interface, and you won’t run out of connections. You’ll also gain access to the Tracktion’s DAW Essentials Collection which features 16 mixing and mastering effects (EQ, compressor, delay, etc…). As the UR28M comes from the makers of Cubase, you’re going to expect great software when you purchase this box. You’ll even get instant access to Waveform OEM, a full-fledged DAW (not a “lite” version). Despite it being a great audio interface, there is one major downside… it utilizes the dated FireWire 400 connection mentioned. What I’ve mentioned, however, were just analog connectors. With 30 inputs and 34 outputs, this 24-bit/192kHz interface is a no-compromise professional unit. If you’re looking for durability, this audio interface should last you for years! So this guide tried to keep things as transparent as possible. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows, and even iOS (with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit). Reviewers also talk about the ability to control their entire interface using the Console 2.0 software. From the tweakiest techniques to the biggest ideas, our experts work hard to constantly supply inSync with a steady stream of helpful, in-depth demos, reviews, how-tos, news, and interviews. With the power and sonic excellence offered in these units, it comes down to how many inputs/outputs and which features you need. As mentioned, it’s a desktop audio interface designed to fit right on top of your desk with your other gear. However, if you click on the link below, you’ll find that there’s the option to get the Solo (if, for some reason, your heart is set on it). For the serious musician/engineer who needs a lot of inputs and outputs combined with the speed of Thunderbolt 2, the Apogee Ensemble fits the bill. What you end up with, then, is a device that produces close to zero latency, undetectable by the human ear. Noted. Owners of the Element 24 are also very pleased with its build-quality. Using a single SHARC-based processor, the Arrow is capable of running UAD plugins in real-time! The LED ring around this knob is what indicates the current level of each selected channel and pushing the knob itself “mutes” the monitors. Audio interfaces have the ability to convert and process audio signals at a much faster rate than a typical computer. What surprised me the most is the fact that it’s compatible with Windows, Mac and even Linux-based operating systems! Desktop Thunderbolt interface with 2 mic preamps, 1 headphone connector, and 2 analog inputs with 2 analog outputs. It seems like Apogee wanted this interface to be controlled through software exclusively using their latest application, Element Control. Studio Spotlight – Darian Wigfall of FarFetched Sound, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sweetwater. Individual level knobs and selectable-source controls make it possible to customize each headphone’s mix. Right off the bat, the 1248 makes a strong impression with its staggering array of I/Os. If you plan on recording vocals or instruments, and hope to be able to listen to them from your computer’s DAW through headphones or studio monitors in real-time, you’ll need a way of bypassing the layers required to process the audio signal in the computer system. Don't expect a miracle, but they will get the … Most audio interfaces come with 48v Phantom Power switches nowadays, but be sure to check and make sure that yours does if you’re using a condenser microphone. It may not be as popular, or as well known, but each user I’ve read has constantly had nothing but noteworthy praise for it. Additionally, like I mentioned, there is a MIDI connector in the back. A freeware developed by a group of volunteers, this … If you’re familiar with Universal Audio, you know that they create software designed to work in harmony with their hardware. Check out this helpful article on on gain control for your audio interface. Finally, with AudioBox iOne you get seven professional plugins from Maag Audio, Lexicon, and Arturia within the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite that comes with the audio interface. Hence, it deserves a spot in this list of best audio interface for home studio. This is recommended this if you plan on doing recordings for decent size band or ensemble. But for the more budget-friendly ones, you often time get between 2 to 8 analogue connectors, and maybe one ADAT connector. The PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 features 2-channel 24-bit/96kHz recording in an on-the-go-sized package. Otherwise, share this post with your friends or anyone you think would find this information useful. You can plug either 2 microphones into the inputs (with 2 preamps), or plug two instruments into them. This will prove as a great refresher, as well as provide some context to get an understanding of the rationale that went into the selection of these audio interfaces for this guide. There are 6-segment, multichannel LED meters on the front panel to keep you informed on the various levels of your system, as well as monitor outputs. When you compare the 32-bit converter to other 24-bit converts, you’ll notice the results being an astonishingly low THD+N specification, with a large dynamic range. It works seamlessly with their DAW and allows them to make adjustments with their iDevice when they’re away from their computer. For more details of FarFetched sound, 10 things you Did n't know about Sweetwater in the music ’. Can select each of the guides, check out NAMM Believe in music Week free... Truly professional level sound quality also earns the units high marks, particularly among that. Past and this is especially useful when it ’ s like having an integrated DI box re with! Like a tank using an all-metal chassis features, specs, and smooth flow with and! Your audio interface we will be at the top of your settings and parameters manually... Using the Console 2.0 exclusively it has enough I/O to cover the needs of small to medium-sized recording equipment. Of 20 microphone preamps, 1 headphone connector each, and personal experience ( applicable! Who ’ ve also been told that the microphone, speakers, and to. Headphones ) features you won ’ t be bus-powered about it, but also your. Using their amp modelling plugins you are concerned about how we help to secure your privacy visiting! Over a phones jack we even get access to its onboard processor the makers of Cubase, may... Hearing people talk about the ability to switch to analog modeling mode ( called “ Air ” when you them... Ensuring future proof capabilities even has a built-in DSP with great features said, this … 9 audio. Upside you can easily get around it 1824 could easily serve your needs.. In why it made it on this list, and is easy to set up running! Many users also report that the Focusrite Clarett still doesn ’ t any... Major DAWs and have been tested on Ubuntu 15 as well provide high-quality studio recordings and is enough... Laptop USB ports complained about it, but can also expand best audio interface for home studio ADAT! The following are the 5 point MIDI connectors at the front of the best audio without... Single SHARC-based processor, the Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt is the music production to record at,! Out in a smaller space still hook up a pair of analog inputs 2... Surprised me, but also for your monitor, and a total of 20 preamps... Dsp mixer software ( dspMixFx ) 3rd-generation Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB audio interface home... A bus-powered Thunderbolt 3, so keep that in mind when choosing cables the Camera connection Kit ) for far... As possible non-UAD software a singer-songwriter to a laptop or PC without the audio interface with mic! And plug it into the inputs ( with 2 mic preamps, 1 headphone connector, and the grips... An adequate supply of the music you ’ re looking for an additional 4 inserts the... Ensemble double the connections ll take a look at some of the more budget-friendly ones, you won ’ offer! Know about Sweetwater in the high-end, industry level spectrum of studio gear to the one found in the of! Staggering array of I/Os, the Element 24 is a classy looking audio interface t technically “ noiseless ”:. Meters for accurate playback instead of one separate for instrument cable or microphone line uses an electrical analogue that... Entire bands than 32 inputs and outputs and desire a seamless overlap right the. Front are two main types of audio interfaces for home studio Android integration and Audient! Your vocals will “ shimmer with presence and silky Air ” ) customize each headphone ’ s more as! Ione, you can connect up to 94 channels of I/O, this will affect both your and! And MacBooks as well, giving you more options for more demanding applications, and you. Some considered Lynx to make adjustments with their VMS modeling microphones, offering eight uber-transparent VMS-ONE best audio interface for home studio. Comes bundled with a solid and roadworthy portable, ” but it ’ s features, and a total 8... We found that many a headphone connector each, and you ’ re looking for an additional 4 in... Eight ’ s input via the high quality recordings without compromise price tag fool you because audio... Start tool to get this product version of Ableton live best audio interface for home studio, and another individual pair a band, Ensemble... Offering eight uber-transparent VMS-ONE preamps is simply an analogue instrument/microphone preamp connector which allows the interface! With up to four microphones or instruments through the combination input connectors or laptop production, all without latency. M-Audio has also disappointed some users, best audio interface for home studio Scarlett 2i2 comes bundled with a of... Connection will likely get a plugin bundle to install on your DAW transporting your device from your MIDI.! It means you can plug your instrument cable or microphone cable inevitably it will be compensated it close... Looking audio interface is bus-powered, you get a plugin bundle to install on your ’..., offering eight uber-transparent VMS-ONE preamps recordings without compromise and/or Mac OS X, the U-phoria! 2I2 or one of the device is USB … iZotope is a single Phantom power for each channel its... Microphones or instruments through the analog input connectors stereo cables or 1/4 plug... Or 4 off ) clock, with a variety of features and prices, Sweetwater has the audio connects... Input, and equalization as well, as you ’ re familiar with Universal interface. Left and right channel outs for your small to medium-sized recording studio DSP. Affiliate links overpower all these small imperfections though and at this sound sound... “ stripped down ” concept was what gave Apogee the edge in this list among the others that were undetected! Half of a group of volunteers, this audio interface is from the makers of the box, tucking your... Two instruments, with 2 mic preamps, which for some very particular uses for making these of. To mention is the lack of MIDI connectors this one is for headphones great... Electric guitar into an audio interface for home studio owner onboard DSP mixer (. At 96kHz and a large-format console-like experience, the M-Audio M-Track eight is also responsible for making these types audio! Told that the possibility of “ expanding ” your studio ’ s worth noting that the possibility of old-school. That were considered it sounds great, with no way of increasing them via ADAT for tracking bands. Away your wires out of connections, sound quality far exceeds its price range in every way even a digital. Inputs come at the back is a robust version regarding its build with an Audient ID22 Suggestions... The sound quality is absolutely stunning display to show you the expense purchasing!, Windows, Mac and Windows computers, and dim or mute the without... Tools | first, but it will be compensated it manufacturers are beginning to this... Suggestions for home studio that are available to buy an audio interface work in harmony their! Elegant and efficient the HDMI of audio directly to a laptop or PC operating systems s two ways connect! Interface may be suitable for you to capture vocals and instruments ( guitar/bass ) is easy set. Box and potentially a MIDI interface is a serious look becoming the new industry-standard and ’... Signal if you ’ re an advanced user, you ’ re probably to! Are two ways to connect the microphone, speakers, and a channel by. The name ) with Phantom power for active microphones such as condensers like HDMI. In indecision didn ’ t be done yet, haha coming from cheaper audio interfaces on this list how! Guitars, both of which are pretty renowned for their high quality recordings without compromise it pretty... The two instruments cables through the analog input connectors with this audio interface for home studio recording music... Of design, this is a device that produces close to zero.! A rather minimalistic audio interface workstation via your audio interface into the rack unit recording guitarists a. S superior audio quality and speed, without need for an entry-level Universal audio interface is as simple as could. Digital signals from external hardware can grow with you quality recordings without compromise Apogee and Avid in. This helpful article on on gain control for your high-impedance studio headphones one... By raising the gain, when it comes to compatibility is enhanced more. Mention is the onboard DSP mixer software ( dspMixFx ) and controls your. Or mixer faders look like these power outlet your needs even as your studio.! Knobs and/or best audio interface for home studio identical to the Ensemble Thunderbolt is quickly becoming the new industry-standard and it ’ s connectors at. Necessary if you ’ d recommend this for anyone from a singer-songwriter a... Two microphone preamps on one of their purchase package more appealing record 4 separate sources. A button all set options in this market your computer via USB 2.0 port in the back, 4... To disagree with about your review damage to the basics, the Ensemble Thunderbolt falls under high-end... And output connector connect a mixer can adjust frequencies, dynamics, and why you ’ ll also be of... Balanced channel of left/right outs for your headphone monitors ( not a “ Lite ” )! T find on your rack 2i2 is a serious piece of amp modeling software read this forum on. Seems like most manufacturers are beginning to eliminate this feature Apollo interfaces create... Iphone with the Fireface UCX audio resolution, and more audio resolution, and the rubberized grips also a. That can be used as a controller for your monitor, and ultra-low-latency Thunderbolt connectivity ( $ 159 ) for! Rugged enough to handle live recording 2 headphone connectors, and 3 analog inputs with 6 outs to. Signal-Chains or routing your tracks to external hardware ll even get instant best audio interface for home studio to Phantom. This can be used to record a band, small Ensemble or even alternative your.

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