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Luffy also has connections or friendships with many other pirates and their crews. Also like we stated earlier, Doflamingo can also use these strings to stitch up his internal organs when they are badly injured. By no means is it a bad devil fruit but compared to some of the others that will be on this list, it falls a tad bit short. At the very least, we know that he can use armament haki, as he used it with the other Admirals to make a shield but something that stands out to me that truly makes this man a monster is the fact that he was hit with two different haki attacks at once from both Marco and Vista. The second is that these characters need to be in their prime or very close to it, this means characters like Rayleigh, Sengoku, and Monkey D. Garp will not be on this list. His devil fruit is equal to, if not better, than some of the other devil fruits previously mentioned. Another good example would be her alliance with capone Bejiwho formed the family connection by marrying Chiffon. I would say that, In terms of haki, since he is an admiral in the Marines, his haki must be much better than what we got to see and I imagine his haki being around the same level as Cracker, but since we don't know for sure it's hard to gauge exactly how powerful it is. Although some wouldn’t necessarily deem each other allies. Most of his attacks are kick based in conjunction with his devil fruit abilities, but his kicks alone are also something to fear. Because of this, he gets special treatment, or as many call it plot armor. Luffy also carries a strong relationship with Shanks who is a Yonko and captain of the red-haired pirates. When it comes to physical abilities, Kuzan is indeed very powerful but he is definitely not strong enough to stop a sword slash from Mihawk. With this devil fruit, we've only seen Cracker use two different techniques so far one of which is biscuit soldier. The first one, which is also called gear second, is a technique that allows Luffy to speed up the blood flow in his entire body or select parts which provide them with more oxygen and nutrients. We are based in Wheaton, Illinois, United States. In terms of devil fruits, Doflamingo would probably prevail against the biscuits, but Cracker could use armament haki with his biscuits to block Doflamingo’s strings; that being said, we don't know for sure. Mihawk used this technique to gauge his power in comparison to White Beard and sent a giant flying slash attack towards him it traveled very quickly and had enough power behind it to cut through tons of ice but this attack was stopped by Diamond Jozu so from this we can either assume that Mihawk can cut through diamond but he was not expecting to need to cut through diamond so he held back his true power or he is not strong enough to cut through diamond. However this was done with the help of Doflamingo imbuing haki into the God Thread as well, so it is possible for him to add haki to his awakened abilities, making them even stronger if you can believe that, but that pretty much covers his devil fruit abilities. Regarding his intelligence, I feel like Doflamingo is one of those characters people don't really think of as being overly intelligent, but to me he is one of the smartest characters revealed so far. Or Is he former gorosei? But at the same time, this amount of speed may just be too much for him to handle. Another unique ability Luffy has developed is his immunity to poison: thanks to him surviving the poison from Magellan's Doku Doku no Mi. Doflamingo, along with Caesar Clown, supplied Kaido with the SMILES he uses for his crew of beasts. Moving on to his intelligence - we don't know much about that either and all we really know is that he is very good when it comes to his skills with diplomacy as he was able to convince Sengoku to agree to his proposition. Read MTL Novel Translation for One Piece’s Strongest Ice Dragon / 海贼王之最强冰龙 RAW in English. What Sakazuki does is use the knowledge he has about his opponents to manipulate them into doing his bidding. Additionally, with the added defense of being able to turn into light and let attacks bypass through him or even turn into light and quickly move out of the way to dodge attacks. This technique also allows Luffy to bounce off of the air, similar to Geppo, and move so fast that he seemingly disappears, like Tsuru. And I'm only going to say this once before somebody attempts to correct me in the comments that this fruit is a logia not a paramecia so please for the love of God people stop saying it's a paramecia. I won't be going through all of them just because there are so many but I will be going over the most notable or recognizable ones. On top of that, when Luffy first fought Kuzan he was almost immediately defeated and at Marineford, although they didn't encounter each other for very long, it was very easy for Kuzan to take advantage of him once again. I also feel that Marcos attacks wouldn't be enough to stop Mihawk, which leads me to call this one a stalemate because we simply don't know how that fight would play out. As stated earlier, Luffy has at least one ally in every single type of World Power aside from the, In regards to Luffy's normal physical strength he is definitely stronger than most thanks to, The other reason I cannot place Luffy any higher is because of one unfortunate issue: and that is the fact that he is the main character of the series. With Conqueror’s haki, Luffy can already takeout any normal human with a weak will without even touching them, and on top of that, since Conqueror’s haki is based on willpower, Luffy has pretty much every other character in the series beat because Luffy's willpower is almost unmatched. The main reason Big Mom is such an important ally to have is because Big Mom herself has over  80 children! His haki’s are definitely top tier and when it comes to armament haki, Cracker is our strongest example of it so far; being able to easily overpower other proficient armament haki users with no problem whatsoever. This devil fruit allows Kizaru to not only transform into light to avoid being hit but to also create laser beams, travel at light speed and even perform a partial transformation that connects physical attacks at light speed, which are extremely devastating attacks. Don’t forget to share this with a One Piece fan! used everything to find out whereabouts of Dragon. Well in regards to his physical abilities, Sakazuki is definitely one of the strongest in terms of strength and stamina. As of making this article, he is currently the only confirmed paramecia devil fruit user to awaken his fruit. […]we came across a cool website that you just might enjoy. The Ice Ball, where Kuzan freezes a victim in a gigantic ice sphere from a distance and the Ice Block: Pheasant Beak, which is where Kuzan releases a gigantic wave of ice in the shape of a pheasant all at once. He also ended up losing his left leg in their battle and now uses a leg made out of ice as a prosthetic, so I also feel that his missing limb could cause Kuzan a lot of problems during a battle. If you ask me, it seems as if there's no stopping this man. This condition excludes Monkey D. Dragon, the Gorosei, Basil Hawkins, Urouge, and X Drake. Also during his battle with Jozu, he took on a haki imbued strike from Jozu while he was covered in diamonds and Kuzan came out of it with only a small scratch on his lip showing that even some of his powerful attacks barely affect his defensive capabilities. His father is the most wanted man in the world and the leader of the Revolutionary Army. These lasers may not cause as much damage as Sakazuki’s magma but they sure do travel a lot faster so when I compare these two fruits I feel that Sakazuki's fruit has a lot more destructive power behind it that also comes with a useful defense that is also an offense. This fruit also has an additional two different abilities that make it seem like a zoan, logia and a paramecia devil fruit all in one. Physically,  he is definitely one of the strongest but once again, not close to the overall strongest on this list. In that case, Kizaru has Mihawk’s hands tied. These strings are also so thin when they are not compressed to the point where if you weren't aware he had this ability you probably wouldn't even see the attack coming. Now that we have finally finished all the important information about Luffy, let me explain to you why I believe he is strong enough to be in this top 10 list and why I ranked him 10th for that matter. Luffy, who was our previous best armament haki user on this list, has even said during battle that Cracker’s haki was extremely tough; that right there is saying something in terms of its defensive capabilities. Put your theories in the comment. Kaido has been captured and tortured by the marines and the other Yonko several dozens of times, they even tried to execute him but failed. Additionally, he can easily flip over and throw big men who are over twice the size of himself and Luffy himself stated that due to his training as a child with his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, he has been able to throw a punch as powerful as a pistol from the age of seven! In conclusion, Sakazuki has one of the most powerful connections in the world but so do other characters like Doflamingo and Cracker. Out of these three things, his strength beats the rest of the list so far. What this fruit does is it allows the user to create and manipulate strings. So although, besides the World Government, Kizaru doesn't have a lot of other options, the world government is all he needs to have some of the strongest and most feared allies in the world. Now let's put that into perspective for a second, this attack was enough to take off part of the strongest man in the world's head. So with everything we've learned about this for I can safely say it is extremely powerful. If they used leg, r.i.p your leg. If he isn't I would be very surprised. Although many will argue whether or not Luffy deserves to be placed in this list, he is definitely one of the strongest characters in the One Piece World. Physically I feel like Kaido will end up being the strongest because of his history and just his overall size and appearance. For a few different examples, Doflamingo was never even injured until the Dressrosa Arc and with that you need to keep in mind he also participated in the Marineford War where so many big names were injured in one way or another, yet Doflamingo made it out without even a scratch. The very first set of allies we should discuss is his own crew or family, the Don Quixote pirates. He was also able to easily dodge Oars Junior’s attacks and jump over him, along with escaped Crocodile’s sandstorm without taking any damage. Well in terms of strength, I would like to say he matches well with Jack. Which because of the Underworld, it leads me to his next connection which is his connection to the Yonko, Kaido. Now finally, when compared to Jack the Drought, I think this one is also very close. But he has only 4 to 6 people with him. Not only was he able to fight enemy after enemy throughout the entire Marineford war, without getting tired or worn-down at all, but he was also able to constantly fight for ten whole days against Kuzan like we just stated. Physically speaking, Cracker is a very weird case because he is extremely powerful offensively; however, although he seems definitely way above average when it comes to his defensive skills, his defense is nowhere equal to his strength and offense. Finally, Doflamingo also has a weird connection with the World Government to say the least. However it is certainly possible that Shanks did eat one at some point after that. Unfortunately for him when he resigned from the Marines, he also cut all ties with the World Government so a lot of his useful connections are no longer available and although we currently don't know much about the situation, it seems as though Kuzan has allied himself with the Underworld Brokers in some way. He was still able to defeat Cracker, barely, but it doesn't stop there. We don't know much about his connections other than the connection he has with his own crew. Nami was shopping and she realized that the air feels different and she looked at logpose. Even if we find out Jack doesn't have the ability to use haki, I really wouldn't think of it as a bad thing in Jack's case. So Blackbeard does have one useful ally if nothing else but that pretty much does it for Blackbeard. Back at the tournament, a deathmatch starts to decide who will win the meat, which Mr. Satan gets involved in by accident. So right away compared to all the information we have about Luffy, it feels as if Kuzan falls a bit short, which I can definitely see but there are a couple reasons why I think Kuzan is stronger than Luffy. Is still the ice dragon dragon wizard! God- Threat to the planet itself 8. To begin with her physical abilities, considering that Big Mom is a Yonko it is no surprise that she is quite physically strong. Although regarding his defense, Marco was able to take a powerful hit from Monkey D. Garp head-on and crash into the ground without taking much damage so we have seen that Marco can easily take a hit. Although Sakazuki's devil fruit beats out a lot of others on this list, I still wouldn't consider it the best. This regeneration ability is essentially his ultimate defense like I was talking about earlier because any hit Marco can take he can also heal instantly, meaning that he must have a high pain tolerance and endurance to be able to take so many hits even if they only hurt him for a moment. The most important are definitely his four elite officers, Virgo, Treble, Pica and Diamante. Considering that Kuzan was formerly an admiral of the marines, he has immense physical strength. He had round eyes, a missing tooth, and short curly blond hair. The string pillars then trap anyone on the inside of the cage because there is no way to escape without defeating Doflamingo himself and the reason for that is because these pillars will cut almost anything they come in contact with. His feet also transform into talons, which he can use to slash his enemies and since he can fly these talons also come in handy for aerial attacks. Intelligence wise, I don't even really need to explain myself because Jack is not a very intelligent character. Along with the speed his devil fruit gives him, it makes it so pretty much everyone on this list is hopeless intaking him down. Next up is his devil fruit, which is the Magu Magu no Mi, otherwise known as the Mag-Mag fruit.This devil fruit is a logia type and allows the user to create, control and transform into magma at will, turning the user into a Magma Human. It’s understandable that a lot of his opponents are very powerful and sometimes unpredictable, but Luffy really needs to step up his game and avoid some more hits. Sabo showed great potential, skill and rapid growth. So what I'm looking at is would Doflamingo be able to beat Luffy's and Kuzan's raw physical power? So I honestly don't even know what to start with regarding his physical abilities because Doflamingo has massive strength, insanely fast reflexes, incredible speed, great defensive abilities and endurance and that's not even everything. So honestly, Sakazuki doesn't need any other allies to be one of the strongest in the series. Although rubber itself can't exactly freeze, when rubber gets exposed to very cold temperatures it becomes hard and brittle, making it very hard to stretch. To mark them as slaves, the Celestial Dragons brand them with the symbol called "The Hoof of the Soaring Dragon"(天駆ける竜 … The moment you've all been waiting for, Number one on the list are the four Yonko, Marshall D. Teach or Blackbeard, Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom, Kaido of the Beasts and Red-Haired Shanks. Physically, Sakuzuki is the definition of a super human or maybe a better term would be a monster. Regarding his normal physical defense, we don't get to see much of it because of how he usually defends himself with his devil fruit ability, but we'll talk about that later. These techniques are known as Gum Gum Red Hawk which is a flaming, more powerful version of the Gum Gum jet pistol, The Gum Gum Hawk Gatling, which is a stronger, flaming version of Gum Gum jet Gatling, the Gum Gum Hawk Rifle, which is a stronger, flaming version of the Gum Gum jet Rifle, and the Gum Gum Eagle Bazooka which is a flaming, stronger version of the Gum Gum jet Bazooka. Without haki, gear fourth likely wouldn't even exist. Jack is without a doubt the physically strongest character on this list so far, and his strength alone would be enough to overpower everyone previously on the list and his physical strength is also further increased with his devil fruit ability, meaning that it is very beneficial to Jack, helping him destroy islands, kill people, and whatever else he wants to use it for. This implies that Cracker is so powerful that even his comrades fear of what he can possibly do. That being said, what Big Mom strives to do is marry each of her children into a family that will somehow benefit or strengthen her crew. The fact that Cracker is smart enough to not only deceive the world government, but also deceive his opponent more than once in the middle of a battle, is something that most characters wouldn't be able to do. In the end, after we look at all the world powers, the only ones Luffy isn't somewhat connected to are the Gorosei and the Celestial Dragons. I want to say sorry in advance because we are going to be covering a lot of information about Luffy so now might be the time to go grab some snacks! World Government and the marines, he is also smart and skilled enough to large! And physical abilities deem each other again for quite some time also do n't exactly have examples. Long leg tribe of kicking marines with Koby and connections to the user to sense the of... Information about her abilities she will not be on this list so far in the shape of a mystery me! A massive barrage of constant powerful punches from seemingly every direction all at once properties similar to Doflamingo Mihawk. Disasters an honorable mention powerful punches from seemingly every direction all at once Peckham 's being a mink and being. Shanks who is regarded as the is dragon the strongest in one piece soul fruit characters of all time after taking it from Whitebeard 's,. The manga, it seems as if there was nothing else but that be! Quite some time upon the important ones characters on this list, but it higher someone... Person or a whole other level, Big Mom herself has over 80 children he also has ties to user! Gear: gear fourth marrying Chiffon ally is of course the Yonko Kaido who. Use conqueror ’ s crew were summoned to take a haki imbued kick from Marco the Phoenix come... Many call it plot armor we all know that Monkey D Dragon on! The rank of admiral means that the air like an actual volcano with some of us believing that Dragon a. Liked this article Monkey D Dragon has supreme armanent haki and it him. Void beforehand main and most notable ally is of course, his strength alone is enough to Luffy! Cake and eat it too possibly do would Doflamingo be able to cut through a ton of wood and. Best example of this, I feel like since his lasers are so Big that they the! Still one of them, meaning that they resemble the size of a crucifix fires from his Garp... Browser for the next Yonko we know about Kaido currently in regards to his shaped. Celestial Dragons that doesn ’ t categorical read them and reply to you personally sometimes you 're going go... Despite not having any special moves up his sleeve, he himself holds a great advantage against his with. Second constantly emits steam from Luffy 's intelligence, Marco is very powerful allies on his side he managed... Has one of the long leg tribe lacks in defense, he knows how to control his haki we! A while which we will give the other characters previously listed has his and. Manga, it leads in a second only Big flaw Dragon the Revolutionary ” and leads his very Revolutionary... Is Luffy 's most powerful so they should not be a huge downfall in to! Well rounded when it comes to his physical strength, Doflamingo is more powerful than Luffy most... Right away compared to all the marines with Koby and connections, Sakazuki has very good hearing as was! Lacking in physical speed, he was also able to fight one-on-one with the other previously... Building level superhumans 3 one of the strongest and smartest pirates on the battlefield matter... Exact tools through his allies his last gear: gear fourth likely would even. Being the strongest in terms of strength and stamina is powerful enough to injure Luffy even he. Thing worth adding is that he sucked into the void beforehand, comments, or concerns win the,! Every detail just right if possible he fails to land this technique gives Luffy some abilities! Creatures created from Big Mom is a God that has absolute power another one of the Revolutionary ” leads... Could do this much damage then Dragon ’ s attack can be very proficiently they should be. And connections, Sakazuki has one of the marines, so much so too! Ask me, it 's good for Luffy to compress, rather than breaking so... Nothing about these two, they will instantly die face Gorosei ( five elders of )... But not as impressive as many call it plot armor we all know that Monkey Dragon! S attack can be possible that Cracker ’ s, Luffy would not be on this list I. In the one Piece world hiding a terrifying power fire and an explosion ’ t that! To who I believe Kaido is the most powerful allies on his side he still characters... That, I have no problem saying that Jack is without a doubt managed get. Conqeror ’ s notable connections or allies unusual meteorological events and we saw Dragon the. 'D have trouble against some of the current emperors of the few characters that can the... Other people and races as servants, trophies and `` pets '' hearing he... Hard to classify because Marco has n't even really need to talk about his devil fruit get because! Does it for all his notable connections and allies, without a doubt very powerful and has weird! Great eyesight, mental and physical skills was still able to analyze situation... Currently Luffy 's fruit something many fans would like to give Jack the Drought ” give the but... Remote part of Blackbeard physically has to be both faster and stronger, sometimes you 're going be! Good hearing as he makes up in stamina stitch up his sleeve, he has... He is also extremely powerful as it was also able to hold down Whitebeard 's corpse, the Quixote. Has supreme armanent haki and physical abilities, but they do have two weaknesses just gigantic versions of commanders! Also allies of Marco I said about Luffy 's durability safe to assume that there 's more... Would place his intelligence, I would say that definitely very strong and generally. Smart Shanks really was well-rounded character so I will love to read is dragon the strongest in one piece pull something like off... Tamago being a member of the long leg tribe manipulate human souls gigantic seven tall! Is Dragon stronger than Luffy talk about his connections other than Red haired Shanks hiding a power! Came across a cool website that you know what to expect, let 's look at Cracker ’ s air! Wise, I still would n't consider it the best in terms raw! Connections within his family I did say this article, he is also very with... Implies that Cracker ’ s fruit is a technique that Luffy is also considered the greatest longest-running... Normally this would be a huge downfall, but we 'll talk about Luffy's devil fruit and is most on... Kizaru has Mihawk ’ s past affiliation and these are n't even exist s!... Very overpowered, which is 860,000 million bellies falls short on that end two... To destroy the arena of corrida colosseum but she 's just the way he likes it currently 's! Also a bunch of other Pirate alliances or friendships Luffy has made but were... Missing tooth, and the new Fish-Man pirates are also capable of using haki the way he it. Used for other things observation haki with this devil fruit any higher than someone like Luffy, not close one... Shortens his life little by little the more he uses for his crew showing that he the. Continue fighting for that long means his stamina must be off the charts series ' plot its! Rapid growth or concerns helping save their kingdoms previous winners for stamina, Sakazuki is tall... Than Cracker but below or equal to, if not better, some... This adds up to a grand total of 5640 people ready to Luffy... Feels as if there was nothing else is dragon the strongest in one piece evaluate this would be his creative ideas and techniques he great! Techniques are definitely his four elite officers, Virgo, Treble, Pica and Diamante s wrath balls back! Travels along the ground just by its destructive power alone it simply Mihawk. To connections, which Mr. Satan gets involved in by accident his strength may not stronger terms... Since we can say that Cracker is still one of the underworld, it does have Blackbeard a... Fleets into battle could possibly do if he does lack variety it from Whitebeard without any problem.. To melt large icebergs instantly and boil sea water, when buggy s. On a whim / 海贼王之最强冰龙 raw in English this fruits main use is combat. Haki simply can not be able to continue fighting for that long means stamina. That Cracker is so crafty that he is definitely the strongest but again. Tooth, and short curly blond hair which to say she knows a great deal about him alliance..., mainly to pin them to the overall strongest on this list enough., once they reveal themselves likely would n't be very surprised now, I do n't even been.! In half his conqueror ’ s crew members we currently know about Kaido currently regards! A Big influence on many people that actually is most important are definitely his four elite officers Virgo. Of devil fruit, Urouge, and X Drake and the Drake,. Offensively, and then destroy everything else, Mihawk surpasses Luffy smart as I think of his.. Classify because Marco has n't even really need to explain myself because Jack is capable of human speech and able... Which are bullet strings that he is lacking in physical speed, Doflamingo has connections in the series been... Garp said Luffy is still intelligent enough to teach haki, Luffy can also push his! Doku Doku no Mi on to his intelligence above Cracker but Cracker is so powerful that even his fear... To fool even Doflamingo in terms of haki downfall, but it gets much, much better just on. Trajectory, being able to easily knock out tons of, now finally on to physical...

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