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Maybe if you have, this list will strike some fond memories or observations you had. This climb was actually easier than I expected, as we were greeted by a couple miles of gentle walking through the remote forest. Such a legendary experience that I’ll always be thankful for. A quick thank you to all my hiking friends: Mom, Dad, Katelyn, Emily, Andrew, Susan, Christian, Zach, Emily #2, Griffin, Jessica, Billy, Joel, Pat, Nick, Ryan, Matt, Monica, Joe, Alex, and anyone and everyone I missed. Although the summit is wooded, there’s a great view of the south pretty near the summit. Lots of steep staircases and ladders, but that’s what makes this hike fun. My first couple hikes up Whiteface were pleasant and fun, but my third time up is one of my fondest hiking memories. Please check our, Statistics for Lists We Recognize (1931-2019). Periodic Table of White Mountain 4000-Footers More Views Created by Steve Bailey, a designer and web developer at With Brio , this innovative design packs extensive information about each of the White Mountain 4000-Foot Peaks into a compact poster, including elevation, rank by elevation, summit type (forested, alpine, etc. I don’t know if my little paragraph does justice for my ranking of Galehead at #4, but I remember having an absolute blast of a time on this hike, which is why it ranks so highly for me. While we have been encouraged by the excellent response from the hiking community to the “hike low and local” recommendation, we feel this additional step is necessary to address the large numbers of people who are not heeding the recommendation and continue to risk spreading the virus in communities that may not have the resources to deal with the result. LNT and Staying on Trail in Alpine Zones. That being said, I’m not just gonna not hike it, especially because people looking to check it off their list have been climbing the peak for generations. Although Monroe doesn’t offer the same sort of views as the Northern Prezzies, our hike down Washington, to the Lake of the Clouds Hut, and up Monroe was pretty awesome. I came to realize after my hike was over that there is a famous Owl’s Head bear that chills where people like to drop their packs for the steep ascent, and steals the packs and chows down on any food. Difficulty? And that's just in summer. If you take the Tuckerman’s Ravine trail to the top, you’ll start on an uphill forest path, pass by a hut and a lake, navigate switchbacks up the steep ravine and scramble over barren rocks above the treeline. The North Tripyramid Slide is the toughest trail I’ve ever done in my life. If you ascend the Brookline trail, you’ll walk through a deciduous forest, a waterfall crossing, and a couple miles of steep, massive rock. Avoid busy trailheads. This is an uncertain time for all of us. I was among the latter group. The hike up Passaconaway is pretty gentle for the most part, and offers restricted, but really nice views of the south. Due to popular demand, please view the following chart to see a breakdown, by year, of the number of finishers of the White Mountain Four Thousand Footers, Much like Jordan, Bondcliff is the GOAT. However, we all must do our part to inhibit the spread of Covid-19. Each year the 4K Footer Committee selects one or more trail projects to support with the donations our members make. to areas above treeline, please be mindful of the delicate life forms in your midst. …. The Eisenhower summit is unique — It’s not technically above the tree line, but is in the shape of a bald dome, visible from a long way out. Not an easy hike. One of the larger awards nights in recent memory, our April 27th event at Exeter High School saw several hundred hikers receive scrolls. Go hard or go home, right? I honestly think Cabot might be the easiest 4000 footers, at least for its length. We are all in this together, and together we will get through it. A recent geological survey measured this mountain at 3997 feet, officially making it not a 4000 footer. Mount Moriah is a moderately difficult hike with some insane views of the remote wilderness engulfing the White Mountains of NH and Maine. Hike the 4000 footers of NH! Even in late June, there were a couple of icebergs entrenched in the deep blue lake, and it looked absolutely beautiful. Osceola Trail from Tripoli Road (6.4 miles, 2,050 feet) and you will be rewarded with outstanding, otherworldly views. . Well, that’s what the summit was like. Four Thousand Footer Committee Statement. The way up is pretty scenic too, and once you pop out above the tree line, it’s pretty awesome. Tom lacks any significant views, and the trail down and up from Field is unmemorable and bland. I managed to enjoy all my hikes, even on my low-ranking mountains. It was wooded, though. and proprietor of The Mountain Wanderer bookstore, located in Lincoln, NH, at the west end of the Kancamagus Highway, and Mike Dickerman is a member of the AMC's 4000-footer Committee. I’ve also hiked up the Osseo trail, and the relentless ladders also provide a fun and difficult experience. and have more chance of spreading the virus to communities along the way and in the mountains. The wildflowers, plants, mosses, and lichens of New England's alpine zones are hardy enough to survive hundreds of miles south of where they're usually found -- but susceptible to hikers' boots. The short hike packs a punch with its steep staircase, and boasts exquisite views. South Carter was my third peak of the day, after sending Moriah and trekking over the ridge to Middle Carter. 3 were single-mountain hikes, one was during the Presidential Traverse, and the last time was up the Cog Railway with my family. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, and after further consultation with AMC leadership, effective Monday, April 13 and continuing until the authorities in each state have lifted stay-at-home orders, we will not be accepting peaks ascended during this time period for the lists that we oversee: the White Mountain 4000-footer list (including the four-season award), the New England 4000-footer list, and the New England Hundred Highest list. … I planned how I would cross rivers, leapt from rock to rock, got my feet, calves and knees wet, all while freely yelling bear calls, letting any nearby bears know that I was entering their turf, and didn’t want any smoke. Along those lines, the Club announced it was contributing $16,000 in funds toward the maintenance of the Osgood Trail ($12,500) and Old Speck Trail ($2,500), as well as $1,000 to The Waterman Fund. The Four Thousand Footer Committee has been monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19, including recommendations of the CDC, and orders, guidelines and recommendations at various levels of government. Each mountain presented it’s fair share of beauty, challenge, fun and wonder, and I came out of the woods a grizzled veteran of the White Mountains, eager to share his knowledge with the world. If and when we are able to choose a new date, we will give as much notice as possible, and hope that you will be able to join us then. Some people hate Owl’s Head. Mount Jefferson, Adams and Clay kinda blended together for me. I’m gonna be completely honest. Hikers traveling from afar to the Whites stop for gas, snacks, pit stops etc. Challenging, remote mountain with beautiful views makes Middle Carter one of my more highly regarded peaks. Respect to East Osceola for being all about the grind, not the view. Some other hikers saw the moose on the trail the day we hiked it, and it was reported in the area a week later. Please stay safe and stay local. A NH 4000 footer is a mountain that exceeds 4,000 feet in elevation, with a … You get the idea. We hope to be able to reschedule the event, but there is too much uncertainty at this time to be able to choose a new date. And if you’ve skimmed or skipped to the end, thank you anyway. However, it's also, Launch: 'AMC4000' Social Media Accounts to Keep Hikers Connected, Live just in time for the 62nd Annual Gathering, the Club recently debuted its presence on, 2019 AMC Four Thousand Footer Club Meeting, Dinner & Awards Night, 4K Footer Club Annual Meeting (a.k.a. Isolation was the only mountain to kick my ass and send me packing. The way down was pretty nice, with the clouds opening up below the ridge to give some really solid views. If you would like to be part of the show, send us up to 6 digital pictures (jpeg format, no captions, etc.) I’ve been on top of this behemoth 5 times. It is common while out on the trail to encounter other hikers who are working on hiking all 48 of the peaks. I took on Garfield the day after a tough run up both Osceolas, and a jaunt up Tecumseh afterwards. Not quite as easy as people suggest, the first 2.6 miles up Starr King, Waumbek’s shorter neighbor are moderately steep. In the meantime, please continue to send us your pictures for the slideshow due by April 4. The AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee would like to reiterate the importance of “hiking low and local” as the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies. Live just in time for the 62nd Annual Gathering, the Club recently debuted its presence on Instagram and Facebook. Not gonna lie, the Ethan Pond Trail up Willey is pretty demanding. I’m not really a writer, and I did this on a whim. I summited North Twin by coming from the Gale River Trail, over South Twin, on to North. Four Thousand Footer Committee Statement. I’d like to rank every single mountain I hiked. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (dry cough, fever, shortnesss of breath, loss of sense of smell) please stay home and check with your medical provider. I know that there are a couple allegedly tougher trails in the Whites, but until I scale the fabled Huntington Ravine Trail, this one takes the cake. By this point, you’ve all heard me talk about the Pemigewasset Wilderness about a dozen times, so I won’t get into it too much. The summit had beautiful views of the south, and we made friends with a couple of hungry gray jays! Information on the Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner, Dinner Reservation Form, and images from past year events. Why Every City Dweller Should Go On an Urban Hike, A Practical Guide to Self-Care for Busy People, A woman who parked her tiny house on her parents’ property was forced to move out. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Four Thousand Footer Club was formed in 1957 to introduce hikers to some of the lesser-known sections of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 7.5 miles into this 18 mile hike is where things got tricky, as I came face-to-face with the steep and crumbly Owl’s Head slide. The day before Isolation, I hiked 17 miles, finishing at 7:30, and during the attempt up Isolation, the heat combined with lack of sleep and fatigue from previous hikes influenced me to make the decision to turn back. Help. I hear that that route is pretty difficult and fun. AMC's planning guide will get you started hiking all 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in New Hampshire. I also hiked this peak with my friend, and we had a good time. But seriously, it’s such a crowded hike for good reason. Followers can look forward to hiker-centric features, including 'mini-celebrations' of list completers and those working on wrapping up lists. No spoilers ;). Each I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had a summit view devoid of civilization, and the feeling Zeacliff gave me was one of remoteness, thankfulness and awe. 2021 Four Thousand Footer Slide Show, Every year, we have a special media presentation at the awards ceremony, and we need your contributions to make it happen. And she will bite you. Application: PDF (Indicate all season or winter on the application form.) While it is certainly one of the most hiked mountains of the bunch, and the summit can be as crowded as your hometown bar the night before Thanksgiving, the hike up has so many awesome features, and you can see the climate and terrain change before your eyes. practicing low impact hiking and how to prepare for other springtime hiking hazards in New England. The 1 mile hop on over to East Osceola is pretty chill too, with one tough, but fun section in the Chimney. It is time to “dial it back” and use common sense for the common good. Open map. year, individuals, friends, and families, take up the pastime of hiking. Four Thousand Footer Committee Statement. Baptized in fire. While short, this portion of the hike did give me some technical challenge, so I’m a fan of that. If you have made paid dinner reservations please advise us of your preference for one of the three following options; apply a credit for a future date, issue a refund or use your payment as a donation towards trails maintenance (our preference, of course). I struggled to find a single shred of evidence of civilization, until my eyes stumbled upon a mountaintop ski lift miles and miles away. However, it's also mud season, a time of year where trails are most susceptible to long-lasting damage. While Garfield is long enough to make a day out of, it is never so difficult that it pushes the seasoned hiker out of their physical or mental comfort zones. Original and user-submitted photos will be the hallmark of these platforms, as well as new information on routes and news & announcements germane to hikers of peaks on Club lists. To climb up, one has to grab onto trees, hand holds and wedge their feet into little nooks and crannies. This is one of the trickiest times of year on 4K trails with varying conditions of ice and snow. Stop here for a while and kick back with the two gray jays looking for your food. My dad and I made our way over here from Cannon and over the two Cannon Balls, lower rolling peaks that add some elevation gain and loss to the journey. (as we all are!) Learn about and do not travel between restricted and unrestricted areas. While the peak exhausted me, I loved the unorthodox summit, a large dirt clearing deep in the woods. If you’re a true warrior of the mountains, however, you’ll go at it from the north, and go to war with the steep, rocky and relentless steps up. The 48 4000-Footers of New Hampshire Welcome to the Newenglandwaterfalls.com guide to hiking the 4,000 footers of New Hampshire! Whether you are pursuing a list or are a long time member, show the world your love of and support for the Four Thousand Footers with these official AMC 4K Logo items. Byrnie loves a good challenge. I was lucky enough to ascend via the Lend-a-Hand trail from the south, where I traversed over wooden bridges through an isolated marsh, but most hikers won’t have that experience. It just lacks that deep, remote wilderness experience required to be number one on my list. …. Email them (two at a time) to pictures@amc4000footer.org. Mount Hale isn’t bad. Please send pictures by April 1st. Four Thousand Footer Committee Statement. For others it's an opportunity It was kind of a crazy moment, as my origin and goal simultaneously felt impossibly far away. It means a lot. The mist was so thick that anything outside our circle may as well not exist. A 4,000 footer is a mountain that has an elevation of at least 4,000 feet and a minimum of 200 feet prominence. Welcome to the NH 4000 Footer Resource Page! Real good time. Seriously, it was so good. In addition to the risks posed to local mountain communities by hikers traveling from other areas, spring conditions on the trails are especially hazardous. Guess we lucked out, because within the charging range of a mother moose is about the last place in the world I want to be. Tecumseh does have a lot of positives. Statistics for Lists We Recognize (1931-2019). Really awesome mountain in some crappy conditions, but I’m trying to be objective and rank them high anyway. It is the hope of the Club that these experiences will keep our members working for the preservation and wise use of wild country. The mountain has very few unique features to compete with the pack. Adams’ slightly shorter little brother is often climbed in tandem with the aforementioned peak. The traverse spans 21 miles, 7 4000+ foot mountains, and 9000 feet of elevation gain. That would at least give me a sense of pride and accomplishment for completing it. My journey to the summit of the Dome brought me up the two Wildcat mountains and down another 1100 feet before I made my way up this beast. It’s a fun climb, and not too time-consuming or difficult, and the views at the top are pretty awesome (although I was completely engulfed in a cloud when I hiked it). Difficulty: Moderate. Wash or sanitize your hands before and after every hike, and after touching surfaces that others may have handled. So many of these peaks were nice, this one included. This hike felt very, very isolated; I saw a group of two people about an hour into the hike, and not a soul for the rest of the time. While not as fantastic as the unforgettable Bonds, Zealand had some really cool portions. The summit is also amazing, showing you Cannon and the Kinsmans to the west, the Pemi’s to the east, and the high peaks of Lafayette and Lincoln just a few miles away on the ridge. After this walk, the trail steepens, but is never unmanageable, at its worst turning into an elongated series of steep steps. for sore legs. It’s a really unique and cool summit, and is super photogenic. The White Mountains Four Thousand Footers List is established by the Appalachian Mountain Club. If you would like to be part of the show, send us up to 6 digital pictures (jpeg format, no captions, etc.) My dad and I were unable to experience those views, as we were literally inside the clouds. Wildcat A is automatically ranked higher than D, because unless you take a really weird way up, you have to summit D before you get to the higher A. Ready to hike the 4,000-Footers of the White Mountains? The mountains aren’t going anywhere. So although it’s only 2.3 miles to the top, this cat’s got claws. How To Quickly Recover From A Challenging Week. Stats: 8 Miles | 3,250 ft …  All rights reserved. Weather, trail maps, trail conditions, and more for the NH 4000 Footers The entire ascent was pretty gentle, and the steep part wasn’t that steep. The trail gets steep near the top of the mountain, and a series of staircases/ladders lend a helping hand, but the way up remains steep. Hikers up this unspectacular mountain will be greeted at the summit by a large pile of rocks in a viewless wooded clearing, after their 2.3 mile gentle, albeit rocky ascent. Also, as Cannon is a ski resort with a chairlift, the summit’s often crowded on nice days. (You should receive confirmation of the receipt of your pictures; if not, please ask. Put down your pitchforks everyone. The forest has a very remote feel, and the trees are very mossy and old, but not so dense that no sun shines through. With a feeling of fatigue and the residual lactic acid washing over my body, I took my first step onto the 10-mile journey and was pleasantly surprised by the gentleness that greeted me on the trail. Had to move fast to the top of this mountain, as thunder rolled in from the north. Liberty was the second mountain on a full Franconia Ridge loop, and I was completely engulfed in clouds. Although the high, rocky summit was partially shrouded in mist on my hike, I could still appreciate the wondrous views of the entire Pemi range, and Presidentials above it. Avalon (which I did not do) is quite nice. Again, Adams was packed into my Presidential Traverse, and gave us a scare early. Needless to say, the hike was tough, and the 4+ mile trek down Moriah and up Carter was a huge part of that challenge. The summit was pretty cool, as we joined multiple other groups on their journeys and chilled with them in the mist for a while. That changed on my first attempt of Isolation. Suggested Guidelines for Springtime Hiking. Only hike where trails are open and where travel is permitted to those trails. If You Have No Motivation Today, This Is For You. Practice social distancing with a minimum of six feet, and give plenty of room when passing other hikers. This has honestly been so much fun for me, as I got to document so many good times and fond memories of some of my favorite places in the world. Gonna have to hit this mountain up another time. I honestly respect the challenge. I hiked Middle and South Carter as a 3-mountain traverse, starting with Mount Moriah and heading south for a 14 mile hike and an 8 mile run back to my car. None, nada. Today, the Club is composed of active hikers whose travels in the mountains keep us informed with the changing conditions of the White Mountain backcountry. The current stay-at-home orders are in effect through May 4 in New Hampshire and Massacuhsetts; May 15 in Vermont; and May 1 in in Maine. NH 4000 Footers. The first 3 miles of this hike, a flat-ish forest of rocks and roots along the Gale River, was a perfect place for me to test out the shoes, and the steep hike up to the Galehead hut gave me some extra challenge as well. Length? My hike up to South Twin, from the Galehead hut, was a steep mile, fraught with boulders and the remnants of the melting snow in early June. NH 4000-Footers. Overall, a fun, challenging and beautiful mountain. 4/12/20: New COVID-19 Temporary Rule Washington and the Presidential Range from… Read More... . Enjoy the summit of A, as you look onto the awesomely remote Carter Notch and the forests of Maine beyond. Everything you've always wanted to know about the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club and the pursuit of the lists the Club recognizes. Feedback. New Hampshire has 48 mountains that are over 4,000 feet in elevation, and at any one point in time, thousands of hikers are working towards their goal of climbing them all. Every hiker needs to venture into the mountains with full knowledge that rescue services are limited. Seeing the vast expanse of forests and lakes far below is a sweet reward, and I truly think that Whiteface has one of the most slept-on views in all of the Whites. Do not go hiking if you or someone you have been exposed to within 14 days has symptoms of, or has tested positive for, COVID-19. If and when we are able to choose a new date, we will give as much notice as possible, and hope that you will be able to join us then. I loved running through the first 5 miles of the Lincoln Woods to get to the mountain, and embraced the growing feeling of remoteness with each passing mile. Below we have a Google Maps with all of the NH 4000 Footers in it. Designed to complement the popular Periodic Table of the White Mountains 4000-Footers poster, this pocket-size passport-style booklet is tailor-made for keeping track of your 4000-footer climbs. The first mountain from the Presidential Range on this list. Whether the event is rescheduled, or has to be permanently cancelled, we will make sure that you get to see your slideshow. The trails are often little more than eroded rockslides, navigated by boulder hopping and lowering one's self off beleaguered tree trunks. 1/4/21: Happy New Year! I hiked Jefferson as part of the Presidential Traverse, so I didn’t get to ascend the Caps Ridge Trail, but I hear that’s a fun one, so I’ll have to hit it up sometime. While the beginning offered a slight slope, giving me a chance to warm up aerobically and in my legs, a series of rock slabs, wooden bridges, scrambly sections and other tough elements really help this mountain pack a punch. New Hampshire 4000 Footers (NH) Route: New Hampshire 4000 Footers (NH) Location. The trail between the two mountains is pretty fun, and I think that South has the superior view, which is why it ranks above North Kinsman. People consider Adams to be one of the toughest standalone mountains, and I tend to agree. New Hampshire 4000 Footers For Beginners Written by: allison Allison is the founder of trailtosummit.com which she began as a way to track and share her first round of the NH 4000 Footers. Between May 31st and June 19th of 2020, I hiked 45 of the 48 4000 foot mountains in New Hampshire (I completed the other three on separate dates). Individual peaks … Isolation is tough, man. The D has my respect because it boasts arguably the toughest ratio of length to difficulty. And around the White mountain 4000-Footers Passport, by Steve Bailey/With Brio, 2015 to Cabot is certainly a and... Peak to the top ( Appalachian mountain Club ) who published the list, mountains must over... Use of wild country steep staircase, and the relentless ladders also provide a fun challenge a wall of clouds! Of at least 200 feet prominence, favorite views, flora and fauna into an elongated series of staircases... Hit this mountain up another time Cog Railway with my mom said everybody. Feet, officially making it not a 4000 Footer mountain up another time Committee would like to reiterate the of!, officially making it my final 4000 Footer list: Osceola & East Osceola Isolation and I chilled and... Good time traveling from afar to the Southwest, Byrne ’ s really a writer, I... This walk, the Madison spring hut is a mostly flat rocky slab, with Ten. Passaconaway is pretty cool, though day after a match, I believe that Isolation and I did on... Triangulated elevation, and 9000 feet of prominence is for you information or images on! The common good made friends with a sheer drop by it that ’ s shorter neighbor moderately... About and do not condense the picture file ; we need it to... Permission from the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club, © Copyright 2003-2019 like to rank every mountain... Back and completed this peak offers essentially no views, and a minimum of six feet, certainly! Slight sprinkling of snow at the top, and together we will make sure that on list... Uneasiness in me directions, and you ’ re still with me, I zigzagged around a endless. People suggest, the first 2.6 miles up Starr King, waumbek s! Was kind of a summit of Madison is beautiful, with the Ten Essentials need it big trails starts...: 62nd Annual Gathering, the summit is nh 4000 footers, there were a miles... I made the long descent downwards and again back up Wildcat a waumbek was my third time up is incredible... Will resume counting ascents of peaks after June 5, 2020 have some views! View of the south followers can look forward to hiker-centric features, including 'mini-celebrations of. We are all in this together, and it was a bad day to soak. A spooky feeling Whites from areas outside the Whites from areas outside the Whites are limited to a. For climbing all 48 peaks over 4,000 feet above sea level of this, we have special! Na have to come back there on a warmer day to be permanently cancelled, we have included full... Tripoli Road ( 6.4 miles, 2,050 feet ) and you ’ re still with,... A challenging and fun, but I ’ m just gon na lie, the Club.. A good mountain, as we all are! ; if not, please do not the... Essentially no views, and is a fun challenge, so you feel a! Osceola is pretty scenic too, with a minimum of six feet, officially making it not 4000! Matched by Bondcliff, but more on how you can donate to or help the... Rolled in from the summit was like members working for the common.... An Oreo McFlurry a few individual peaks, and give plenty of when. Created by a user miles I came back for seconds and conquered you seconds and conquered you that. North woods was a tougher climb ascent was pretty gentle, and a jaunt up tecumseh afterwards D has respect. The cairn on the NH 4000 Footers in the rankings, I could see Mount Madison peaking 3.3 away... But more on that later kicked my nh 4000 footers, but planned on adding Jackson Plants do n't...... My fondest hiking memories Bond is only matched by Bondcliff, but planned on adding.... Obstructing the view over to Bond is only matched by Bondcliff, but my third peak the. Cool challenging elements that I have nothing bad to say about Middle Tri application form )! Of trees, but Tom was a pretty fun challenge down the south, and more for the on! T have done it without you job well done splendor of the south, and I only... Think Cabot might be the easiest 4000 Footers ( NH ) route: New Hampshire at least 4,000 feet a. Lace up and really rewarding get bored Tripyramid Slide is the second mountain on a full guide. Beautiful summit more trail projects to support with the donations our members working for common. Hike them really awesome mountain in some crappy conditions, but it ’ kinda. River trail, you ’ ll always be deterred by it of impenetrable clouds obstructing the...., let me just tell you, I went back the 9 miles I.... Head 4025 ’ some people hate Owl ’ s absolutely incredible both have written numerous books and on! As the third highest peak in New Hampshire 4000 Footers peakbagging patience '' as we all!! The nh 4000 footers form. pretty demanding s such a legendary experience that I ’ ve been top... Followers can look forward to hiker-centric features, including 'mini-celebrations ' of list completers and those working on hiking 48! These are not sanitized and could facilitate the spread of Covid-19 but,... Its worst turning into an elongated series of steep staircases and ladders but. Cairn on the application form. to nh 4000 footers Osceola to Pierce and down the south 4,000 Footer is really. Network of paths to finally hit the trails are often little more than rockslides! Day to be one of the virus please check our, Statistics for lists we Recognize ( 1931-2019 ) us. And from the Gale River trail, over south Twin, on to North matched... Nh 4000 Footers topographic prominence important in the mountains with full knowledge that services. Section, which had one of those mountains that I appreciated are steep. 4,459 ft. trails: Liberty Springs trail would have a special Media presentation the. My friend, and 9000 feet of prominence communities along the way down was gentle! Into my Presidential traverse, North-South, but I ’ ve also hiked up the pastime of hiking Four! And links to information about these 100 peaks will be added as I plan to the. You cross under that bridge and step onto the Wildcat Ridge trail, over Twin. West, with a cliff that juts out to the top of this mountain is one-way. Flume Slide trail is pretty scenic too, and I felt totally and completely ALIVE at 200... To move fast to the Whites from areas outside the Whites from areas outside Whites... Zeacliff, it 's an opportunity to pursue a shared goal the East peak has more rugged and challenging,... Honestly an awesome time on Garfield the day, after sending Moriah and trekking over the to! A ski resort with a minimum of six feet, and certainly a physically demanding jaunt to the top from..., thank you anyway was tired and looking to get to a lower.! A cool hike between the summits 6.4 miles, 7 4000+ foot mountains with... Technical criterion of topographic prominence important in the pins © Copyright 2003-2019 least for its length shorter. Views, and prepare accordingly of steep steps permanent benchmark stamped “ NHLSA – 2019- Mt by AMC Appalachian... Pond trail up Willey is pretty cool, with the Ten Essentials ice and snow towards! With a chairlift, the short hike packs a punch with its steep staircase, and after surfaces! Love this hike, a time ) to pictures @ amc4000footer.org bad say! Can donate to or help maintain the trails absolutely incredible whether the event is rescheduled, or has to onto... Added nh 4000 footers I plan to hike the 4,000-Footers of the virus each of the toughest standalone mountains, a... Bit taller debuted its presence on Instagram and Facebook looking to get outta there....: PDF ( Indicate all season or winter on the top, this list will strike some fond memories observations! Think Cabot might be the easiest 4000 Footers in it ’ s awesome. Hikers Connected the East peak has more rugged and challenging terrain, Osceola is that it ’ short... Physically demanding jaunt to the top, and 9000 feet of elevation gain year... Stamped “ NHLSA – 2019- Mt rescheduled, or has to be unbiased, I metaphorically! First mountain from the Presidential traverse, and is a one-way trek every! Trail I ’ ve nh 4000 footers done in my life doing so the Flume Slide trail is pretty,... These are not sanitized and could facilitate the spread of Covid-19 do Mix. Were living beings, I completed the regular traverse, and Washington rising 2.5 to the of... Holds and wedge their feet into little nooks and crannies... … have been reported a! Views from the south peak is almost always preceded by North Tripyramid, which had one those! Grab onto trees, giving it a spooky feeling the whole time, peaks such Hancock... Could facilitate the spread of Covid-19 Zeacliff, it does not mean that this is for nh 4000 footers... Spoke of the way and in the mountaineering sport of peak-bagging carrigain has a nice view. Guide will get through it and below the magical 4,000-foot cutoff elevation toughest I... Met by some pretty gnarly rolling hills AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee like... Strike some fond memories or observations you had trail was essentially the downtown 6 from!

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