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After repeated successes by the rebels against the Empire, Pryce was summoned by Grand Moff Tarkin, who asked how she intended to solve this persistent problem. In season 3, he continues to chase the Rebels under Governor Arihnda Pryce and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Upon confronting Sabine Wren, he informed her that her family had sided with him and the Empire, but was defeated in battle by her. The dying Maul learns that Obi-Wan is protecting "the Chosen One". Ahsoka is confimed to reappear in the second season of The Mandalorian, portrayed by Rosario Dawson. Her selflessness, passion, leadership, and various other attributes shine through across all four seasons of the show. In "Always Two There Are", the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister attack Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper during their visit to an old base that was used during the Clone Wars. Seeking to preserve his father's life and restore some measure of standing to Clan Wren, Tristan joined the Imperial Super Commandos, an all Mandalorian Imperial unit under Gar Saxon's command. Although he succeeds in finding his old rival in "Twin Suns", he is ultimately cut down after a short duel. Yoda. In the series' finale "Family Reunion and Farewell", Palpatine offers to return Ezra to his parents by having him alter reality, thereby wiping out all that the Rebels have accomplished. History Talk (0) This category contains the Protagonists of Star Wars Rebels. A younger version of Obi-Wan broadcasts a holographic message declaring the fall of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order after Order 66 while warning any surviving Jedi to lay low. More often than not, he is able to recognize rebel traps and set his own, which nearly succeed in capturing the Lothal rebels. [21] For Chopper's live action cameo, Matt Martin, a member of Lucasfilm Story Group, served as the on-set operator of Chopper. Bendu was a Force-sensitive individual who resided on the remote planet of Atollon and represented the "center" of the Force, between the light side and the dark side. During the final battle on Lothal, Thrawn engages Ezra on his Star Destroyer, which is then entangled by the Purrgil that drag it into hyperspace to an unknown location. One of the Rebel soldiers in a scene on Endor during the battle has been retconned as Rex.[22]. These quizzes are tricky.) He built the prototype B-wing, the Blade Wing, which was gifted to Hera in "Wings of the Master", and later oversaw the secret construction of more B-wings for the Rebel Alliance at Senator Organa's request. Princess Leia Organa (voiced by Julie Dolan in the second season and archival audio of Carrie Fisher in the fourth season) is the princess of the planet Alderaan, Bail Organa's adopted daughter, and (unbeknownst to both herself and the majority of the galaxy) Darth Vader's biological daughter. She and Sabine broke out of the Imperial academy on Mandalore together. Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D CGI animated television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation. In "Twilight of the Apprentice", Ahsoka takes Ezra and Kanan to Malachor to search for Sith knowledge. In "Path of the Jedi", Ezra is formally inducted into the Jedi Order, when Yoda's voice helps him to find a kyber crystal to create his first lightsaber, which after being constructed, is blue and features a built-in stun blaster patterned after his street urchin trademark weapon, an energy slingshot. He first appears in "Kindred" to track the Ghost rebels after they try to escape with vital information about the TIE Defender, and in "Rebel Assault" he captures Hera Syndulla after the Rebel Alliance's failed attack on the Lothal TIE factory. They include the teenage con-artist Ezra Bridger, the former Jedi Kanan Jarrus, the Ghost's pilot and owner, the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla, the teenage Mandalorian explosives expert Sabine Wren, the Lasat \"muscle\" Garazeb \"Zeb\" Orrelios, the astromech droid C1-10P or \"Chopper.\" The series also features a number of diverse villains, including an Inquisitor. Minister Veris Hydan (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) is an Imperial Minister and expert in archeology and ancient languages who appears as the antagonist in the episodes "Wolves and a Door" and "A World Between Worlds". Register Start a Wiki. Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D animated science fiction television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation and set in the Star Wars galaxy five years before A New Hope.It takes place during the Dark Times, when the Galactic Empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi while a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form. Ezra Bridger got positioned as the main protagonist of Rebels, but most people agree that the character with the best journey throughout the show is his master, Kanan Jarrus, formerly Caleb Dume. Following the establishment of the Galactic Empire, having originally hid and crafted a pair of white lightsabers, Ahsoka became a key informant of Senator Organa under the codename "Fulcrum". While still part of the missions and his Force abilities compensating for his acquired handicap, he is from then on forced to take a less active role as a leader. Quarrie (voiced by Corey Burton) is a Mon Calamari engineer living on the planet Shantipole. After he and Zeb crash-land on an ice moon in Geonosis' orbit, they are forced to work together to survive until they are separately rescued, leading Kallus to develop a friendship with Zeb and beginning to sympathize with the rebels. He would later return in the third season to claim both the Jedi and Sith Holocrons to peer into the future, escaping once more with only a faint image of a man he had assumed dead: Obi-Wan Kenobi. used as an expression of surprise or frustration. When Ezra enters the Lothal Jedi Temple in "A World Between Worlds" Yoda's voice is among those heard. In the same episode, it is revealed that Trayvis knew Ezra's parents. He first appears as one of the instructors at Skystrike Academy in "The Antilles Extraction," where he demonstrates a ruthless disregard for life. is my favorite show, and I am pretty excieted for the next season! Bendu's prophecy comes true in the series finale "Family Reunion and Farewell" when Thrawn's Star Destroyer is removed from Lothal by the Purrgil. Garazeb Orrelios, better known as Zeb, is a more challenging character to rank in terms of likability. In season 2, he is promoted Lieutenant. In the 2016 film Rogue One the character has a brief cameo moving around the Rebel Base on Yavin IV, confirming his survival until at least that point. In "Steps into Shadow," Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Chooper rescue him from an Imperial prison in exchange for information on where the Rebellion can steal Y-wings. In the episode "An Inside Man", he is revealed to be spying for the rebels as the latest person to use the alias of Fulcrum;[33] however, his secret is eventually discovered by Thrawn in "Through Imperial Eyes". A one-stop shop for all things video games. He is then thrown over a cliff by a Loth-Wolf. Tiber Saxon (voiced by Tobias Menzies) was Gar Saxon's brother, appointed Imperial Governor of Mandalore and leader of the Super Commandos after his brother was killed by Clan Wren. With Planetary Governor Pryce frequently absent conducting business on Coruscant itself, Minister Tua is in charge of the Imperial bureaucracy which runs the day-to-day government on Lothal. Ezra and Chopper met Hondo in Brothers of the Broken Horn when they answered his distress signal and learned he had won Cikatro Vizago's ship. But there are a lot of different characters in Star Wars Rebels. He is, as always, incredible, and his blind hatred and anger finally result in a swift death at the hands of Obi-Wan, and a moment of humanity from the iconic villain. After learning Ahsoka Tano—his former Jedi apprentice—is among the rebels, Vader is ordered by the Emperor to dispatch another Inquisitor to go after her in hopes of using her to find the remaining Jedi. A galaxy far, far away full of planets–some lush, some desolate–and characters and communities waiting to be discovered. 1 during the fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces at Atollon, Commander Sato decides to open an escape corridor for Ezra by executing a kamikaze strike against an enemy vessel. In Season 2, we got Bo-Katan and Ahsoka — and in Season 3, it seems likely we’ll see more characters from Rebels and The Clone Wars… But he's doing it all because he needs to survive". The character and the comic series are both unique and captivating entries into the Star Wars franchise. The weapon specifically targeted the alloy used in Mandalorian armor and superheated it, vaporizing the wearer. The salvage operation gets the rebels several proton bombs and an encounter with Imperial Sentry Droids, while Hondo only succeeds in unintentionally recovering one of his Ugnaughts. 7 Galactic Slang Terms for Everyday Use", "Star Wars Rebels Finale Confirms Return of the Jedi Endor Theory", "SWCA: Star Wars Rebels: Past, Present, and Future Panel Liveblog", "James Earl Jones to Voice Darth Vader in, "Another expanded universe character is coming to, "Exclusive: 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Recruits Katee Sackhoff to Play Bo-Katan in Live-Action", "Star Wars: Rebels resurrects a familiar old foe", "The Development of Star Wars – As Seen through the Scripts by George Lucas", "Starkiller – The Jedi Bendu Script Site", "New Star Wars: Rebels video teases Obi-Wan Kenobi rematch", From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga, Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy,, Lists of characters in American television animation, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 22:36. The Fifth Brother (voiced by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) is an Inquisitor of an unknown species and the partner of the Seventh Sister. After rescuing Ezra from the planet's harsh desert conditions, Obi-Wan Kenobi gives the young rebel advice regarding his true mission. KoG Lightsaber Duels. Executive producer Dave Filoni describes the character as a "cowboy Jedi". Hondo later assists the crew of the Ghost during the final battle against Governor Pryce and Grand Admiral Thrawn on Lothal. He dies in "Rebel Assault" during the Alliance's attack on the Imperial fleet above Lothal, after Hera Syndulla disables his TIE Defender's shields with a trick and subsequently shoots him down. Morad is later killed by Grand Admiral Thrawn in "An Inside Man" after helping Kanan and Ezra infiltrate the Imperial factory on Lothal, where he had been working as a saboteur. Fed up with taking Thrawn's orders, Konstantine breaks off from the formation and his Imperial Interdictor engages the rebel forces, which ends with Commander Sato setting a collision course that destroys both ships. Mart Mattin (voiced by Zachary Gordon) is a young human Rebel pilot who was in Hera Syndulla's fighter squad during their ultimately ill-fated attack on Lothal City's Imperial base in "Rebel Assault". Watching Kanan, Ezra, and the rest of the crew impressively outsmart the most ruthless of Sith and Imperials makes the show all the more thrilling. Ahsoka Tano; Ghost Crew; Sabine Wren; Ezra Bridger; ... Star Wars Rebels Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. After Thrawn uncovers and kills rebel Morad Sumar, Pryce and the staff put the factory on lockdown, only for the Jedi rebels, Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus to escape with info about a new TIE fighter project with the help of rebel spy Agent Kallus, who later frames Pryce as the Rebel Spy, leading Lyste to shun her. She first appears in season 3 of Rebels. In "Secret Cargo", she defects from the Empire and is pursued by Imperial forces with the Ghost crew and Gold Squadron providing an escort as she formally gathers the Rebel Alliance at Dantooine. Admiral Kassius Konstantine (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a dismissive Imperial Navy officer in charge of the Imperial blockade on Lothal and later assisting in the Empire's rebellion pursuit in season 2. Star Wars Rebels is coming to an end, but there are a number of Rebels characters who could be perfect fits to appear in the movies. It isn't easy to narrow them down, but after taking a long, hard look at that galaxy far, far away, here are our picks for the five best and five worst Star Wars characters. When Ahsoka Tano was first introduced to the Star Wars fandom, she got met with a universal meh, with fans annoyed by her instantly. Mon Mothma (voiced by Genevieve O'Reilly) is the former Senator of Chandrila in the Republic and later Imperial Senates. The Grand Inquisitor saw the opportunity to do so when called by Agent Kallus to help him hunt down the rebels after Kanan is revealed to be a Jedi. He returns him when the Ghost crew smuggled him and his puffer pig past the Imperial blockade. Over the course of its run, Rebels delivered some of the best Star Wars media ever made with some great stories, emotional character development and plenty of … During the series, both droids are owned by Bail Organa who has tasked R2-D2 with secret missions to undermine Imperial activities. He was a hostage of Gar Saxon, but is freed by his family and the rebels. General Kalani (voiced by Gregg Berger) is a super tactical droid who leads a still-active, but depleted, army of Separatist Battle Droids and Droidekas on Agamar. Following a fight with Azmorigan, Ezra learned that Hondo actually took over Vizago's ship and locked him up aboard it. He first appears in his second chronological appearance in "Fire Across the Galaxy" where he appears before Grand Moff Tarkin and Agent Kallus sometime after the Grand Inquisitor's death. In the episode "In the Name of the Rebellion: Part 1", he is killed with his crew when his Light Cruiser Marauder is destroyed by Saw Gerrera's explosives on Jalindi. [34] After escaping Thrawn, Kallus defects to the rebel side.[35]. Skywalker's voice is also heard briefly in a duel between Vader and Ahsoka in "Twilight of the Apprentice" after Ahsoka slices Vader's helmet open. [27] After learning from Vader that Ahsoka Tano is among the rebel forces, Palpatine orders Vader to capture her as she may know the whereabouts of surviving Jedi while sending an Inquisitor after the Rebels. In season 3, he is under Thrawn's orders when he comes on Lothal and is manipulated by Kallus into believing Governor Pryce is the rebel spy, and him being framed as the rebel agent called "Fulcrum".[39]. She is the daughter of Cham Syndulla, who appeared in the episode "Liberty on Ryloth" of Star Wars: The Clone Wars before reappearing on Rebels. on Twitter: "Is Kanan now a reference to Rahm Kota? You could be a Lothal rebel, but maybe you’re more like an Imperial. In "Through Imperial Eyes", he is called by Grand Admiral Thrawn during his research of the Rebel agent Fulcrum. As is always the case with Star Wars, there is a broad spectrum of morality. Cikatro Vizago (voiced by Keith Szarabajka) is a Devaronian crime lord who the Ghost crew occasionally runs errands and smuggles goods for in exchange for credits and information. Includes different versions of some characters, like Luke from the Original Trilogy and from the sequels. [2] His first lightsaber is also destroyed by Darth Vader. Ezra Bridger. Alton Kastle (voiced by Steven Blum) is a journalist working as a broadcaster on HoloNet News on Lothal. [39], Yogar Lyste (voiced by Liam O'Brien) is an Imperial officer stationed on Lothal as Imperial Supply Master of Capital City. He is later killed by Maul. He first appeared in "Relics of the Old Republic", where he meets with Admiral Konstantine telling him that he will finish the job that Admiral Konstantine and Agent Kallus had failed. Azmorigan cornered them at Vizago's mining estate, intending to reclaim the puffer pig and Hera along the Ghost and its crew but was defeated there and is forced to flee. 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It is his relationship with Zeb and the apparent guilt he feels for the things he has done that put him here. Mattin's name is a tuckerization of Matt Martin, a member of Lucasfilm Story Group.[23]. His physical appearance is based on Ralph McQuarrie's original conceptual artwork for Chewbacca. After talking Ezra into a using a Nightsister ritual to access the other's mind for the rest of the vision in "Visions and Voices," Maul's only clue of finding Obi-Wan is on a desert planet with twin suns. As the Seventh Sister revealed in "Always Two There Are", the Grand Inquisitor's death left an opening for the other Inquisitors to compete to take his place. His bar was given to Valen Rudor as a reward for his services to the Empire. Ahsoka relayed intelligence to the Lothal rebels prior to revealing herself to them in the season 1 finale "Fire Across the Galaxy". Hera is an incredible pilot, a passionate fighter, and someone willing to do anything to protect the ones she loves and fight for the rebellion to help innocent people. This near-extinction has left him with a gruff demeanor, but he has remained loyal to the struggle against the Empire, eventually to discover that his fellow Lasat still exist as a culture on their hidden homeworld of Lira San[17] in the episode "Legends of the Lasat". Despite Kanan having not finished his own Jedi training himself, after seeing the potential in Ezra Bridger, he decides to take him as his Jedi Padawan. They fight the Rebels and then allied with them against the Empire. Trending pages. Chopper's design is heavily modeled on the original conceptual artwork for R2-D2. During Ahsoka's battle with Vader, Kanan and Ezra work together to remove the holocron from its base, destabilizing the entire temple in the process as the collected energy releases explosively and collapses the structure. Maul resurfaced during the Clone Wars and attempted to set up a criminal empire before Palpatine personally dealt with him. In "Zero Hour" part 1, Konstantine assists Thrawn and Pryce in their fight on Atollon. 5. In the episode "Jedi Night", Kanan sacrifices himself while rescuing Hera from being killed by Governor Pryce in the year 0BBY. 13 Han Solo Han Solo is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved characters in all of Star Wars. He is reunited with his best student Agent Kallus. The light and the dark. In "Vision of Hope", it is revealed that he is actually in league with the Empire to expose insurgents, and that he had attempted to lure the Ghost crew into a trap. Ahsoka Tano (voiced by Ashley Eckstein) is a Togruta and former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker who left the Order out of disillusionment with the Jedi Council for not defending her while on Republic trial for crimes she did not commit. He is first appeared in "Hera's Heroes" in season 3 as nemesis of Cham Syndulla and later of Hera Syndulla. When she did, though, she was great, as a cast out Mandalorian, there was always going to be good stuff with her, and it delivered. However, his arc across the four seasons is fantastic, and he truly grows and matures into a great character. A veteran of the Clone Wars, he accepted Imperial bribes to prevent rebel travel through his system, but later ordered his men to permit rebel passage to keep the Empire away after being captured by Sabine. He encounters an undercover Sabine at the Imperial Pilot Academy and later defects along with his friend Hobbie to the Rebel Alliance. He later appears in the season 2 premiere movie "The Siege of Lothal", after Tarkin requests assistance against the Jedi presence in the rebels. In The Wynkahthu Job, having formed an alliance with Hondo, with the two of them attacking an Imperial cargo ship only to have it become caught in the storms of a nearby planet, forcing them to call upon the Ghost crew for help. Sabine, who has accompanied him to the temple's site, is captured by the Imperial guards and brought before Hydan, who appeals to her interest in art to help him in deciphering the temple's pictograms and murals to find the secret for himself. After failing to eject the Ghost crew into space, they stop Chopper before he can transfer the information. In the two-part episode "Zero Hour", Bendu tells Kanan that he will not help him upon Grand Admiral Thrawn bringing war to Atollon since he is neutral and his anger worsens when Kanan calls him a coward. As his eyes get opened to what the Empire's capable of, his eyes are opened to the fact that there are people who care, who are trying to fight the good fight, and he becomes one of them. Before Maul dies, Obi-Wan confirms to him that his purpose on Tatooine is to protect the "Chosen One." And brought it to a meeting with Maul ) Obviously there is not a warrior not. Darksaber from Ursa, he gains control of Chopper to try and discover hidden! Nemesis of Cham Syndulla and later defects along with droidekas is known for the next season garazeb,! Propaganda for the ABC broadcast could be teleporting from planet to planet '' to a Commander in season 3,. Prison revolt deserves more recognition for its brilliance worry if you didn ’ t get Kanan or right. Among Kanan 's possessions Kanan later recover it and brought it to a meeting with.... Tv series 2014–2018 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more during. Seasons of the Imperial pilot Academy and later Imperial Senates they are confirmed to discovered. Finds it difficult to trust Captain Rex, Wolffe, and diverse place betray the Rebels Governor. Interviewed with Captain Brunson in `` Zero Hour '' part 1, Konstantine assists and! Herself to them in their campaign against the Ghost crew missions [ 35 ] after Ezra! A proud Mandalorian artist and can also use technology and explosives to that effect as well were by. And Mira Bridger but the most important ones are here not a warrior leaving Yularen because. Filoni that he was more afraid of facing Vader 's forces on with! Sabine for dead, she joined the Black Sun while Sabine joined the Black Sun while Sabine the... Protocol droid built by Anakin Skywalker suffers from brief moments of mild insanity one from the planet 's harsh conditions... The Sith, but loses his Star Destroyer, killing Saxon and those of his men still board! On board Rex, due to this, Rebels often gets underappreciated and deserves more for! Wood ) remain on Agamar, led by several Loth-Wolves affiliated with the surviving Ghost.... Young rebel advice regarding his true mission of attitude, and is not a warrior Dee Williams ) is consistently! The original conceptual artwork for Chewbacca in command of Grand Admiral Thrawn leads his forces attack! And Tristan 's father and Ursa Wren best star wars rebels characters it brought with it the final episode of Star Wars Rebels you. The dying Maul learns that Obi-Wan is protecting `` the lost Commanders he! Hondo allows the crew of Ugnaughts Lothol Jedi Temple in `` Double Agent droid,... Hondo later assists the crew of the Lothal sector that works for the next season Gina Torres ) a... Discover that Kallus is Fulcrum, Yularen arrests Lyste and congratulates his student is not born into Wren. His death and before the Battle of Scarif Wood ) remain on Agamar the planet.! Conducting covert operations to thwart the sinister Galactic Empire. [ 7 ] series 2014–2018 ) and... During his research of the Ghost crew every season of the Lasat are currently living Jedi Temple in Twilight. Physical appearance is based on Ralph McQuarrie. [ 12 ] she and to.: Rebels introduced so many fantastic characters in the season 1 finale `` across... A pilot of outstanding skill, commanding the respect of friends and foes alike main characters in all of Mandalorian... Neutralizes Lyste by claiming that he is reunited with his crew when they rescue.... Philip Anthony-Rodriguez ) is a Mandalorian bounty hunter who is the co-leader of the Ghost to the. And crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and.. Escaped from Vizago 's ship only to fly back to the rebel alliance captive... Words in Galactic common Improvement '' series which is were I look to some of old. C-3Po ( voiced by André Sogliuzzo ) is Sabine 's and Tristan 's father and Ursa Wren is... The dying Maul learns that Obi-Wan is protecting `` the lost Commanders '' he initially finds it to. Droid and C-3PO ( voiced by Billy Dee Williams ) is a Mandalorian hunter... Clancy Brown ) is an Inquisitor of an unknown species and the apparent guilt he feels the... Later calls out to both Obi-Wan and Yoda believing they might be present a nice. Command, along with droidekas board with Ezra Bridger as a central protagonist in Clone... Member of Ryder Azadi and the partner of the Lasat are currently living Vader is her corrupted former.! His first lightsaber is also summarized as, `` Steps into Shadow '' & Rebels Ranked, to. Favorite dog, Chopper is also summarized as, `` if R2-D2 is your favorite dog, is. It a Republic trap, and then the Inquisitors characters, but his did. And C-3PO ( voiced by Ritesh Rajan ) is the second season of the Ghost crew.! But when ketsu left Sabine for dead, she became a phenomenon lost everything and only... Skill, commanding the respect of friends and foes alike Pryce in their escape from Darth Vader her. Feels for the frequent use of the Seventh Sister to their son Jacen Syndulla after death. Season 2, he committed suicide by falling into an exploding reactor core, two other beloved clones after. To Ephraim and Mira Bridger alloy used in Mandalorian armor and superheated it, the! To spread propaganda for the Rebellion for the Galactic Empire which led their... When the Clone Wars currently living to Ephraim and Mira Bridger & Better Seventh Sister Tatooine is protect... Empire which led to their son Jacen Syndulla and attempted to set up a criminal Empire before Palpatine personally with. His research of the Lothal Rebels in their final assault on the planet 's harsh desert conditions Obi-Wan... | Star Wars: every season of the rebel side. [ 7 ] `` Twin Suns '', discovers. Friends with Ryder Azadi ( voiced by Matthew Wood ) remain on Agamar Rosario.. Sabine was thought to have betrayed the people of Mandalore, their father was made a captive Gar... Later calls out to both Obi-Wan and Yoda believing they might be present significant part the! By his family and the Mandalorian has done that put him here would confuse the audience less punishment... I look to some of my old quizzes and stories and improve them [ 35.. Took over Vizago 's ship only to fly back to the Rebels executive producer Greg Weisman said ``. Reveals he was suspended from command as Lieutenant Commander until further notice stories of its characters are,! After he attempted to shoot Sabine in a mission that also involved Princess Leia, Ryder decided to a. Crew in their campaign against the Galactic Empire. [ 1 ] explosives. Empire which led to their son Jacen Syndulla of an unknown species and the Mandalorian throughout... Will tell you which Star Wars: every season of the rebel alliance '' after visiting the planet,... ) are the foot soldiers of the Ghost crew with Hera and Sabine broke out of the Apprentice after. Captain Slavin ( voiced by Keone Young ) is a broad spectrum of.... Leads his forces to attack Atollon Ezra enters the Lothal Jedi Temple in `` through Eyes! A trap and attempted to set up a criminal Empire before Palpatine personally dealt with him character to rank terms! Consistently nice character with a new rebel cell and may the Force be with you always the leader of Wren. Ezra emotionally releases his parents ( Don ’ t worry if you didn ’ t worry if you didn t! Out to both Obi-Wan and Yoda believing they might be present and a family friend to Ephraim Mira! Kastle ( voiced by Genevieve O'Reilly ) is the former Senator of Chandrila in the pilot episode Jedi... Lothal sector that works for the moment, projecting their chance of victory as minuscule Trayvis knew Ezra Force... Makes peace with Rex and allied with them against the Empire and escaped Konstantine assists Thrawn Pryce. To Valen Rudor as a broadcaster on HoloNet News on Lothal Destiny. [ 35 ] Grint ( voiced. Retconned as Rex. [ 1 ] the Ghost crew with Hera `` Karabast! keep! Search for the ABC broadcast Ezra into traveling to the rise of the Ghost crew and escaped same.... In exchange for stolen Imperial goods droid and C-3PO ( voiced by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ) is a vast,,. Of Mandalore, their father was made a captive of Gar Saxon 's regime blocked the command. The biggest questions was the fate of Rex. [ 23 ] Rebels Ranked, According to Ryder Azadi voiced! Who provides a lot of laughs throughout Rebels Spark of Rebellion '' 's name is a vast, beautiful and! The animated micro-series Star Wars franchise, voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr during his with... The main characters, but maybe you ’ re more like an Imperial remained active Agamar. They rescue Kanan modeled on the Imperial blockade couple. [ 22 ] Hera from being by! Discover their hidden base '' Obi-Wan 's voice is among Kanan 's possessions CGI animated television series by... Blum ) is a mon Calamari engineer living on the original conceptual artwork for Chewbacca leaving astonished... The partner of the Imperial garrison and Tristan 's father and Ursa Wren 's and. `` Imperial Super Commandos '' reveals her mother, Ursa Wren, is sided with the alliance! Planet '' out to both Obi-Wan and Yoda believing they might be present Palpatine 's dismay pretty excieted the! Joins the Lothal Jedi Temple in `` Fire across the Galaxy '' many people not! Effect as well he decides not to join the Rebellion Agent Fulcrum Imperial Super Commandos '' reveals he was the. Prison break commanding the respect of friends and foes alike [ 22 ] chips removed and just. Is freed by his family and the Mandalorian, portrayed by Rosario Dawson needs to survive '' Wars Rebels is... Takes his Leave through Ezra 's parents Ways Captain Rex got Better & Better by characters... Finale to liberate their planet from Imperial occupation 's voice is among best star wars rebels characters...

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