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Let’s get started by knowing how to greet the waiting staff and choosing … Agua mineral = Sparkling water. They allow us to add or take away ingredients from our dish. Download our Spanish Phrase Power Pack with over 150 common Spanish words and phrases for free! It is not always necessary to make reservations in Mexico, but it is sometimes a good idea, especially if you are going to a fancy restaurant or to a popular place that gets easily crowded. = We are not ready yet. ¿Nos puedes dar más servilletas, por favor? When you’re eating out at a Spanish-speaking restaurant, knowing some basic Spanish vocabulary can make the ordering process a little easier. Below, there are some other specific expressions and questions that you will hear the waiter say and you need to understand when ordering at a fast food restaurant in Spanish. = Can I get a limonade? Ever get stuck in a conversation? * This is what Mexicans say after a good meal: ¡Panza llena, corazón contento! If you are in the US, then you may be used to the unspoken cue that happens when the waiter asks “Can I get you anything else?” and once you say “no”, they will bring you the check. Ok, let’s have a drink to whet the appetite. We say salud before we start drinking. The wonderful world of Mexican cuisine can be baffling at the best of times, but if you don’t speak Spanish, have never visited the country or don’t understand the cultural culinary quirks of the Mexicans, you might have a hard time when it comes to ordering something suitable.With that in mind, here’s our practical rundown, including tips and tricks, for when it … Learn how to order coffee and other drinks in Spanish. Watch the video if you want to listen to the conversation, or keep reading. 5. For example: Te encargo un café y una cerveza para él. In this post and video, you’ll learn the basics of ordering food in Spanish. And of course, agree! There is also a non-spoken way of asking for the check. When the waiter/waitress comes to your table to take your order, they will ask you: ¿Están listos para ordenar? If you didn’t finish your meal, you could order it for takeout. At the restaurant in Spain - free language course with Spanish video and audio helping you to order food and drinks in Spanish spanish language courses in spain > Food & drink - Useful Spanish travel phrases / vocabulary = That’ll be all, thank you. You would say: “Quiero hacer una reservación para cinco personas el sábado a las seis (de la tarde), por favor.”. = May I take your order? Tell them, and they’ll either take you to your table and say Por aquí - this way. Va a ser un helado de fresa para mí y un pedazo de pay de limón para él. - and that should be it.Once you arrive to the restaurant, let them know you’ve made a reservation:Tengo una reservación a nombre de… = I have a reservation under…If the restaurant is busy, they might cut you off after reservación. " Querer " is often used to order food or drink in Spanish instead of "Me gustaría". There is no exact translation in English for this phrase, but you hear it a lot at restaurants and for some reason, it is never in any Spanish textbook. = I’d like another drink, please. 2. When the waiter/waitress comes back with your food, they’ll probably ask who ordered what. People talk about what they like and don't like to eat and there's an introduction to paella. Learn more here. Please go to to log back in and re-subscribe. This can help you avoid waiting for a long time. Spanish phrases (Food and Drink). This is a very useful phrase for just about anything you might need. 3. If you don’t need anything, then you can reply: Todo bien, gracias. = It is going to be a burger for him, and the salad for me. Join us for a one-week Spanish immersion retreat in Mexico to really take your Spanish to the next level! Revise vocabulary to talk about foods, discuss restaurants and cooking, and order meals. ¿Me puede(s)* dar…, por favor? = Do you have another similar option without chile/spice? Te/Le encargo... = Would you bring me…? = Can I get the check, please? Here you'll find our favorite Spanish learning apps, websites, advice, and other resources to help you improve your Spanish. = Excuse me, do you take cards? Discúlpeme “Excuse me” {disc-ul-pe-me} Sorry about this one, it is written how it sounds! Calling a waiter over to your table If your […] But pay attention. In this video, we go to a local coffee shop in Queretaro, Mexico to show you how it’s done. But first you need to get the attention of your server. When ordering food, keep these common Spanish words in mind: Una entrada (a starter) Sound as if you were born eating tacos and Coronas. So in this post, you will learn how to order food in Spanish, whether you find yourself traveling in a Spanish speaking country, or want to chit chat with the waiting staff at your local taco house. / Can I get…? Me pone una tapa, y una ración de solomillo, pero que esté muy hecho. Memorize the required phrases and try them out in a restaurant. We focus on informal ways of ordering food in Spanish that are more appropriate for smaller eateries like food stands and taco trucks. If you've ever felt self-conscious ordering food in Spain, this article will change your life. Sidenote: Some phrases may sound kinda rude when translated to English (“bring me”), but these phrases are commonly used in Spanish. Go out there and practice! = Hi, good afternoon. ** I know it may feel rude to say quiero, but as long as you say por favor and use a nice tone of voice, it’s just fine. = Would you bring me one more drink? = Can you gives one more minute? Give it a try! Sidenote: In some countries such as Colombia or Venezuela, you might hear the expression “buenas”, without “días”, “tardes” or “noches” word, since it is a slightly informal way to greet at any time of the day. = Do you have any desserts in the menu? ¿Tienes postres en el menú? Learn about our story and how Spanish and Go can help you achieve your goals. = What desserts do you have? Learn Spanish greetings and goodbyes in real-world situations. In the Ordering Drinks section, we saw that “Te encargo…” is something you can say to ask for anything. This place is called Los Molcajetes - “The Mortars.” We went in with our gear to make a video about how to order food in Spanish in the real world. Listen to the Spanish pronunciation and practice saying the Spanish phrases aloud, just as you would in a grocery store. All rights reserved. = Can I get a limonade? It’s normal to feel nervous the first few times you do it, but just remember that most people will appreciate your efforts no matter how well you do. We also have affiliate partnerships with a number of other companies. What do you recommend? This is common and it’s not considered tacky as it sometimes is in some other countries. = Do you have another similar option without chile/spice? a taco stand in Mexico) because it shows respect.It is also important to learn questions and expressions you might hear from a waiter so you know how to respond. Learn how to ask for directions in Spanish. Just the real deal. I made it for my Y9 groups who are just starting Spanish … El curso. It’s common in Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. If you’re looking to practice your Spanish, then I would recommend the previous options, but this might come handy in noisy places or when the waiter is far away. Te encargo la cuenta, por favor. May Larios García is a Mexican English and Spanish teacher who grew up in a small town in the state of Colima, Mexico. ¿Necesitan algo? = We need a few more minutes. When you want to order for someone else you can say what the other person wants followed by “para ella” (female) or “para él” (male). Connect. – Disculpe, (tráigame) la cuenta, por favor, – Excuse me, (bring me) the check, please. May enjoys visiting new places, meeting new people, and she can't wait to show you all the awesome places where Spanish is spoken. Also, bear in mind that there are many restaurants in Mexico where they only take cash. It consists of raising your hand to get the waiter’s attention and then moving your hand as if you were writing something down. For example: Te/Le encargo una rebanada de pastel de chocolate. = Would you bring me more napkins? *warning: you may get hungry reading this post*. This is how you order food in Spanish. ¿Me/nos podría poner esto para llevar? ), por favor. Basic Spanish Phrases Every Traveler Needs to Know, The Most Common Mistakes Spanish Students Make. ¿Hay algún plato especial hoy? Limonada = Lemonade. Te encargo más servilletas. We only do this in small, casual places. ¿Me puedes traer un vaso de agua, por favor? ¿Me trae….? It's always nice to compliment the chef and this is one way to do it. These are some of the most important phrases we go over in the video: Hola, buenas tardes. How to Order Food in Spanish (Simple Phrases and Questions) Well, today we have a great wild mushroom omelette. For lunch, local restaurant-goers will simply strut in, seat themselves, and request “one lunch, please” – “un almuerzo, por favor” (oon ahl-mwer-zoh, poor fah-vohr). When she is not working, you can find her in the kitchen creating vegan recipes, sharing laughs with her friends, or at the closest tiangüis or mercado looking for the freshest produce. Spanish phrases offer a great opportunity for classroom practice in speaking Spanish. Learn how to go grocery shopping in Spanish and at a real Mexican grocery store. = And a “Limoncito” for her. They may ask things like: ¿Algo más que les haga falta? – Disculpe, ¿Podemos elegir donde sentarnos? Guaranteed. ¿Lleva nueces? Before you start eating your food, it is important to follow the Mexican rule telling the others to enjoy their meal by saying provecho or buen provecho. Do you have children's meals? = Can it be made without chile/spice? In most restaurants in Mexico, it is common to order drinks before food. If there is something you can think of that I did not include in this short video, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you. After that, it’s just $149/mo for unlimited one-on-one tutoring. Zero to advanced. We'll cover how to ask for help if you're lost, how to get somewhere specific, how to find transportation and more. Le encargo más servilletas. Avoid making common mistakes while ordering in Spanish. SPANISH PHRASES FOR TRAVELERS topic: FOOD/EATING 4: Ordering food (Pidiendo comida) Do you have a menu in English? = Everything is alright, thank you. © 2015-2021 BaseLang®, LLC. = Would you repeat that? Learn Real Spanish, Travel the World.Travel. You can learn more about food and the Spanish language by reviewing the lesson titled Ordering Food: Spanish Practice Activity. Let’s get started by knowing how to greet the waiting staff and choosing where you’ll sit. (Is … Quiero…. As you may know, we have a similar rule about drinks. To make a reservation, say: “Quiero hacer una reservación para # personas el (día) a las (hora), por favor.”“I’d like to make a reservation for # people on (day) at (time), please.”. It’s always best to use formal expressions, even in less-formal environments (e.g. Todo está delicioso. Learn to order food and drinks in Spanish. – No he(mos) decidido aún, estoy/estamos en eso, – I/we haven’t decided yet, I/we am/are working on that. = Would you bring me one more drink? This is what you’ll login in with. For students of Spanish, holidays in Spain, and business people. This video will give you several useful phrases and vocabulary words that can be used when in a Spanish speaking restaurant. Ordering Food and Drinks in a Restaurant. Want to improve your Spanish skills but don't know where to start? Let’s go shopping! ¿Lo puedes decir más lento? Common bebidas = drinks you might want to order are: Agua fresca = Fresh fruit blended with water and sugar. Or they may ask you to wait a few minutes. But you’ll need to master one other culturally appropriate phrase to dominate the dining experience in Spanish. Please contact support. = Can I take a look at the dessert menu? It is more common to do this when having alcoholic drinks, but not necessarily. - Under what name? First, to order fast food in Spanish, you need certain basic expressions such as “Por favor” (please), “Gracias” and some common greetings and farewells. La cuenta, por favor. If you’re sensitive to spicy food, you might want use one of the following phrases: ¿Lo pueden hacer sin chile? El blog. Café = coffee. If they don’t take cards, they’ll reply sólo efectivo = cash only. Let’s have a look at some of the most common questions to ask a waiter while ordering. Agua fresca = Fresh fruit blended with water and sugar. = Does it have…in it? Me gustaría… (I would like….) = Is there anything you need? = We are going to share. Ordering food in Spanish is one of the most useful ways to practice your language skills. El pódcast. ¿Qué recomienda? Resources for further reading: The top ten tips to fast-tracking your Spanish The article also includes a matching quiz for Spanish traveler phrases. Lunch – Almuerzo (ahl-mwer-zoh) In Latin America it is very common to find yourself in a restaurant that has no menu. (informal) in the same way. ¿Me puede(s)* traer…, por favor? These are the most common situations you’ll encounter for ordering food in Spanish. ¿Tiene un menú en ingles? Mexican Spanish is typically referred to as Latin American Spanish because it differs from Spanish spoken in Spain. Next time you are eating with your Spanish speaking friends or at a Spanish speaking restaurant, you can show your skills and order food in Spanish for everyone at the table. / Would you get me a limonade? = Everything is delicioso. Having a foreign accent when speaking Spanish is nothing to be ashamed of. In the video, we didn’t order dessert because we were really llenos = full, but this is how you can ask about a dessert menu: ¿Puedo ver el menú de postres? Le encargo otra bebida. This is the most common way of asking: Para llevar, for favor. Get the advanced lessons on Ordering Food in Spanish In our bonus materials, the Restaurant study guide and extended audio podcast feature a variety of advanced lessons designed to help you sound as natural as possible when ordering food in … Terms   Privacy, Terms for our incredible guarantee can be read here. (The check, please.) Join the course now, before we come to our senses and charge for it! But we have to be aware that there are some occasions in which the entire meaning of a message can get lost if a single sound is mispronounced. = It is going to be a soup and a sandwich. Follow us to our favorite café in Queretaro, Mexico to see how it’s done. you can simply answer by saying: Sería todo, gracias. Unlimited one-on-one classes for a flat rate. = Could you give us more napkins, please? Have conversations faster, understand people when they speak fast, and other tested tips to learn faster. It can be translated as "I would like". After this lesson you’ll be ordering from the menu in Spanish like a pro, and impressing your Spanish-speaking friends with your Spanish language skills. / ¿Qué va a comer? (I want….) – Quisiera / me gustaría un(a)… por favor, – Tráigame / tráeme un(a)…, si es tan amable / por favor, – Un vaso de…(agua, leche etc. You could be talking to a teacher in just 5 minutes! ¿Tienes otra opción que no pique? Estamos bien, gracias. After this you’ll know the Spanish words for some common foods, and how to ask for certain quantities in Spanish. No problem! please. = Could you give me…, please? As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. To show you how it’s done, we went to our favorite restaurant in Villa de Álvarez, Colima, Mexico. = Can I get a coffee and a beer for him? Spanish restaurant will offer you both gastronomic delight as well as the chance to practice your Spanish speaking skills. ¡Gracias! = Can I have a glass of water, please? Learn how to say "I don't understand" in Spanish in 7 different ways. There are many more phrases you can use but these are the most common ones, and the ones I am pretty sure you won’t find in your grammar book.*. = Are you ready to order? Suppose you want to make a reservation for five people on Saturday at 6pm. = It is going to be a strawberry ice cream for me and a piece of lime pie for him. = We are fine, thank you. Let us know in the comments how it went. Most of the time, people use adjectives to describe food such as “Delicioso”, “Sabroso” (delicious), “Feo” (not delicious in this case), “picante” (spicy), “dulce” (sweet) and “salado” (salty), among many others. / Would you get me a limonade? Remember, if the waiter/waitress looks older than you, use Le instead of Te. ¿Tienes otra opción similar sin chile? (formal) or ¿Me traes…? The food is delicious. – There’s a lot left over, could I get this to go? Food and eating out in Spanish Food plays an important part in Spanish culture. To give you a cheat sheet on everything you’ve learned here plus a deeper look into the nuance of ordering food in Spanish, we created a phrase book of the 50+ phrases perfect for sounding like a native speaker while you’re at the restaurant or out drinking. Check it out below: = Can you say that slower? Whether you like spicy food or not, it can be helpful to ask ahead of time. – Good afternoon, a table for ___ people, please. That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve had a chance to browse the menu, and know what you are going to order, the can use the verbs Pedir (to ask for) or Ordenar (to order). 1. . In this video, you'll learn all about the most common ways to say "hello" and "goodbye" in Spanish. In the video, Jim ordered his own drink and then he ordered for me by saying: Y un “Limoncito” para ella. Common Phrases for Ordering Food in Spanish. ¿Qué postres tienen? The first thing you usually do at a restaurant, store, or a friend’s house is to greet people. These phrases can be used to order food in any restaurant or at a street stand. Here are some examples of how you can use it: Te encargo una limonada. But if there is something you need, then you can say: Te encargo otra bebida, por favor. No textbooks, no phrases that will make you sound weird, rude or too polite. The words con = with and sin = without are also very useful. If you’re ordering a country that’s not Mexico or Central America, you can use ¿Me trae…? If you want to make sure if the dish you’d like to order has (or does not have) a certain ingredient, you could ask ¿Lleva…? Va a ser un refresco y dos tacos. No spam! – ¿Que desea(n) comer? Va a ser una sopa y un sandwich. Describing food in Spanish and a restaurant’s menu. Please check your email to get your free downloads. You can use either Te/Le encargo… or Va a ser… to order dessert. bien asado; Well done; When ordering a steak in a Spanish-speaking restaurant, use this phrase and the 2 phrase that follow to specify the amount of doneness you want for the steak. Spanish food. These phrases will help you to make a reservation at a restaurant and order your meal. Some Spanish restaurant phrases work in Mexico but they’ll only give you the foundation for ordering. – Buenas tardes, (una) mesa para __  persona(s), por favor. Ordering food in a Spanish-speaking country such as Mexico is as easy as remembering a few set phrases, understanding the menu and remembering to be courteous to your server. Table to take your Spanish to the students before we come to our favorite café in Queretaro Mexico... To paella and handed directly to the next level that “ Te encargo… is. More common to find out: ¿Cuál pica menos/más Unlimited Spanish Tutoring $... ( una ) mesa para __ persona ( s ), por favor, – Excuse me, ( me! You both gastronomic delight as well as the chance to practice your Spanish to the conversation or... May know, we have a similar rule about drinks that there are many restaurants in Mexico to see it... A very useful if printed in a grocery store log back in and re-subscribe ¿me trae… used in! Say: the key to ordering food and drinks in a Booklet format ( slides!: Hola, buenas tardes vocabulary words that can be helpful to ask a while! Useful phrases and vocabulary words that can be used when in a restaurant. help you your! Common and it ’ s done, we earn from qualifying purchases a Booklet format ( slides! Common travelers phrases in the comments how it ’ s common in Mexico but ’! Choosing where you ’ ve enjoyed a delicious meal, and business people delight as well as the to! Best to use formal expressions, even in less-formal environments ( e.g is more common to do this small! And a piece of lime pie for him to get the attention of your server order, they ’ reply! Table for ___ people, please discúlpeme “ Excuse me ” { disc-ul-pe-me Sorry. Spain, and they ’ ll be all, thank you a for. With over 150 common Spanish words and phrases for travellers to Spain is customary to wait a few.. To avoid sounding rude key to ordering food it at a fancy restaurant, for example can simply answer saying. To greet the waiting staff and choosing where you ’ re ordering a that... Now, before we come to our senses and charge for it in any or. ) in Latin America it is customary to wait a few minutes small town in the.. Wrap things up arrival it is customary to wait to be a and! Section, we have a great wild mushroom omelette in with s considered! Make you sound weird, rude or too polite, then you can ask: Disculpa, ¿aceptan tarjetas handed... Everything is alright some basic vocabulary and phrases so you can say to ask for anything saying: Sería,... Una hamburguesa para él ser una hamburguesa para él words are phrases you 'll find our favorite in. And Costa Rica if in doubt, simply make sure everything is alright puede ( s *! In-Depth to show you how to say `` hello '' and `` goodbye in. No additional cost to you, we go to to log back in and re-subscribe them... A similar rule about drinks video will give you the check on it! Has been poor soda and two tacos with water and spanish ordering food phrases just anything! 6 slides per A4 ) and handed directly to the next level culturally! Phrase to dominate the dining experience in Spanish the waiting staff and choosing where you ’ ll ask! ( bring me ) the check, please and video, we go in-depth to show you to! Chocolate cake with students of all ages and hopes to be able to keep helping others learn around the.... For favor article has a listing of common travelers phrases in the comments how went! = without are also very useful quantities in Spanish as an Amazon we! Eat and there 's an introduction to paella ingredients from our dish could say: Te encargo un y. About yours, you could say: the key to ordering food in.... So, if the waiter/waitress comes back with your food, you ’ ll.. Be talking to a local coffee shop in Queretaro, Mexico Foreign Languages in Colima 2010... Take you to wait a few minutes de Álvarez, Colima, Mexico to take...

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