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I have been living in Cameroon for the last eight years. It was a sentiment shared by Jason, waiting silently in a nearby hide, who had been hoping for this chance every summer for several years. But, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, which is … Yup, let's be honest last year was pretty crappy. The winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 competition have been announced, showcasing the most gorgeous, bizarre, or exceptional photographs of creatures and their … Swallow fight (Winner) Jan Przybylo Red Fox (Runner-up) Evan Lane Monarch (Honourable mention) Olivia Lane Photograph: 2019 Nature Photographer … The remarkable winners of the 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year © Michel Roggo/Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In hundreds of night dives, says Fabien, ‘I’ve never seen one without the other.’ It is not clear if a jelly derives any benefit or why the relationship breaks down when water acidifies. Shooting from an inflatable boat, Ralf tightly framed the sleeping seal, using the white backdrop of ice and soft light from the overcast sky to mimic the effect of a studio portrait. The wonders of the animal kingdom are coming to Geelong's National Wool Museum courtesy of a huge exhibition of nature photography. We have some fantastic prizes for you to win including our top prize of € 3.000,- cash for the winner, plus other great cash prizes and cool photo equipment. Drifting with the jelly and its rider, Fabien combined all the elements of his composition at exactly the right moment. Now in its 54th year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year … They are then decapitated as entertainment for festival-goers, who pay to skin them. Whaling left the western population near extinction and wiped out the North Atlantic one. Just a few months ago we found out who the best Wildlife Photographer of the year 2019 was and promptly congratulated Yongqing Bao with a well-deserved win. Headed to the venue this season, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year showcase comes direct from London's Natural History Museum, which has run the prestigious competition since 1965. In San Ignacio Lagoon, a World Heritage Site, whale‑watching is carefully managed by the community – limited boats, no winter fishing and interaction only if the whales choose it. From mystical woodlands to majestic whales, here are the winners and runners-up of this year’s competition. These photos will be exhibited at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide (16 August – 10 November 2019 ) and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney (16 August – 20 October 2019). The rotation of activity was so fast-moving that it almost seemed choreographed. © Ralf Schneider – Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 showcases stunning photos of the natural world Written by Amy Woodyatt, CNN A gentoo penguin flees for its life as a snarling leopard seal bursts out … © Peter Haygarth – Wildlife Photographer of the Year, In a rare encounter, a lone male cheetah is set upon by a pack of African wild dogs. In the clear water of the Red Sea, a shoal of bigeye trevally circle 25 metres (80 feet) down at the edge of the reef. The penguin made it off the ice, but the seal now seemed to turn the hunt into a game. Surrounding them are signed bloody handprints – triumphant marks of those who have skinned snakes at the annual rattlesnake round-up in Sweetwater, Texas. (Both species have disappeared from much of their former ranges, with fewer than 7,000 left of each, mainly due to habitat loss and fragmentation.). But somehow we made it, there is a vaccine and hope is starting to dribble out, rather like my spaniel at supper time. When it was at a suitable height – for the fungus – the weevil held fast to the stem. Wildlife Photograph of the Year en Madrid. Winner, Behavior: Birds—High on a ledge, on the coast near his home in northern … The 2020 awards are now closed for entry. When Michel inspected the stems, extending up several metres, he noticed that some supported thick clusters of zebra mussels. © Fabien Michenet – Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Our finalists have now been announced, and winners will be revealed in January 2021. Land of the Eagle. "Land Of The Eagle" By Audun Rikardsen, Norway, Behaviour: Birds, Winner 2019. In the back seat, her five playful kits trill with excitement. Today, despite protection of its limited nesting sites along the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico and a requirement for trawlers to use turtle-excluders, it is still under threat. Jérémie Villet/Wildlife Photographer of the Year Image An image of a pack of rats on Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan won the award for urban wildlife photography. I am a keen conservationist by heart, deeply caring about all species of wildlife and the environment. In this sanctuary, it is the wild animals that call the shots. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019: Check out the winning pics. Weddell seals are the world’s most southerly breeding mammals, populating inshore habitats around the Antarctic continent. Audun carefully … Spreading inside the weevil while it was alive, the parasitic fungus had taken control of its muscles and compelled it to climb. 6 Feb 2019 6 February 2019. © Minghui Yuan- Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Highly Commended 2019, Behaviour: Invertebrates. This is the contest's 56th year running. If the sun came out and a drop of water formed, the tit next ‘in line’ would sip rather than nip. The elderly cheetah hissed and lunged back at the mob, his left ear tattered, the right one pinned back in the ruckus. The funny images were chosen from over 4,000 entries from 68 … The trust between whales and humans built up, and today many females actively encourage their calves to interact with people. If they feel threatened by an accidental encounter, hippos will also attack and kill humans. Hugging its flippers tight to its body, the Weddell seal closed its eyes and appeared to fall into a deep sleep. Issued by the Natural History Museum, The moment by Yongqing Bao, was the 2019 joint winner of the Behaviour: Mammals category at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition February 15 – March 24, 2019 Experience the wonders of nature through the lenses of award-winning photographers from around the world. A sleeping seal, a zombie beetle and a tragic turtle are just some of the captivating images from the Natural  History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the  Year 2019 competition, now in its 55th year. Their filter‑feeding significantly reduces plankton densities, increasing water clarity and disrupting ecosystems. (Photo by Jon Juarez/2019 GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year) Highly commended, man and nature: Flamingo socks – Jasper Doest (Netherlands). Overall winner: Jasper Doest (NL) | A monkey's mask The Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT) presents the award-winning images of the competition European Wildlife Photographer of the Year … The cage must provide protection against some predators but probably not against the wasps that parasitize it. © Eduardo Del Álamo – Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In a few minutes the spat was over as the cheetah fled. This year… That instantly brought the performance to an end, as the icicle cracked and then crashed to the ground. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Golden jackals expected to emerge in Belgium, say experts, 'Jet fighter' godwit breaks world record for non-stop bird flight, Papillon, Europe's most wanted bear, captured after 42 days on the run, Spanish police search river after sightings of Nile crocodile, Teenager’s collection of 37,000 tadpoles turns her into a TikTok star, 'Feed the ducks bread' sign sparks heated online debate, Global heating: geese shift migration stop-off northwards. But when the sun came out and the ice began to melt, one long‑tailed tit chose to cling to the icicle instead of hovering. But as Matthew and the strandings patrol team got closer they could see the fatal noose around the turtle’s neck attached to the washed-up beach chair. ... Amazing nature photos from Sony World Photography Awards 2019. First published 15 October 2019. This helps them to hunt under water for long periods, sometimes more than an hour. Nature Photographer of The Year is a Nature Photography contest that celebrates the beauty of nature photography. They are kept in poor conditions before being brought to the festival and tossed into snake pits. Introductory note to the GDT contest European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 From Prof. Dr. Beate Jessel . By Josh Davis. How to let more natural light into your home, Tips for Preparing for a Walking or Hiking Holiday, Best Destinations for Cycling in the Southern United States, Cheeky Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards entries to cheer you up, Little Changes You Can Make To Reduce Paper Usage, 15 Most Photogenic Places In the World You Must Visit, 9 Great American Train Journeys too Epic to miss, 12 Astonishingly Unique Beaches You Won't Believe Exist, 9 magical Europe travel destinations you've probably never heard of, 12 Lesser Known National Parks in America to fall in love with, These lesser-known European National Parks will Take Your Breath Away. The impressive array of winning images affirm this long-running contest as the premiere global wildlife photography competition. A more typical location would be a tree trunk or rock, as in the rainforest of Xishuangbanna, southwest China, where he had just been filming. Lying on fast ice (ice attached to land) off Larsen Harbour, South Georgia, it was relatively safe from its predators – killer whales and leopard seals – and so could completely relax and digest. The best entries for this year’s competition are showcased in a sumptuous book, British Wildlife Photography Awards 10, which Mark Carwardine hopes will encourage people to enter next year, he says: “Most of all, I hope it will inspire you to get involved, to take an active part in protecting our precious wildlife. Slender stems of Eurasian watermilfoil, bearing whorls of soft, feathery leaves, reach for the sky from the bed of Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland. At first, the dogs were wary, but as the rest of the 12-strong pack arrived, their confidence grew, and they began to encircle the cat, chirping with excitement. On a bitterly cold morning on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, Diana came across a delightful scene. In San Ignacio Lagoon, on the coast of Mexico’s Baja California, baby grey whales and their mothers actively seek contact with people for a head scratch or back rub. Infanticide among hippos is rare but may result from the stress caused through overcrowding when their day-resting pools dry out. The photo features a deadly encounter between a Tibetan marmot and a Tibetan fox. Zooplankton migrate up from the deep under cover of darkness to feed on surface-dwelling phytoplankton (which need sunlight), and other predators stream after them. Nature photographer of the year 2019 - in pictures Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi was the overall winner for his image of playful rabbits. © 2021 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 winners. The black-bellied pangolin photograph is one of … © Frank Deschandol – Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In spring, wranglers use gasoline to flush the snakes out of their winter dens – a practice banned in many US states. I am a 35-year-old South African living in Cameroon. Its glazed eyes showed it was dead, and the three antennae-like projections growing out of its thorax were the ripe fruiting bodies of a ‘zombie fungus’. Persecution may also have led to the whales’ aggression towards boats and, in San Ignacio, a long‑lasting fear among local fishermen. The Overall Winner of the competition will take home a £5,000 cash prize, alongside the coveted title of Bird Photographer of the Year. The lagoon is one of three that comprise a grey whale nursery and sanctuary – a key winter breeding ground for this surviving breeding population of grey whales, the eastern North Pacific ones. VOTE IN THE 2020 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD HERE. US. ‘The big lure is that I always see something new,’ he says. But as Matthew witnesses on his daily nesting-patrol, another danger is injury or drowning resulting from the huge amount of discarded fishing gear and rubbish that ends up in the ocean. For Tom Peschak, a veteran marine photographer and biologist, a whale that demanded petting and got too close for him to focus was a first. The Huddle by Stefan Christmann – Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019, portfolio award winner More than 5,000 male emperor penguins huddle … Photography Best of 2019 The best photos of 2019 National Geographic's 100 best images of the year–curated from 106 photographers, 121 … Mustard – Wildlife Photographer of the Year winning image, the Comedy Wildlife photography Awards recently announced the hilarious photos... Next ‘ in line ’ would sip rather than nip for this four‑day.!, as the cheetah fled converting his image to Black and white accentuated the tones and of. Mother, then seized the calf in his huge gape, clearly intent on killing it photography! But animals in the ruckus nearest tube: South Kensington, naturephotographywildlifewildlife photography, whilst supporting conservation efforts imagery... And today many females actively encourage their calves to interact with people attack... The weevil held fast to the ground exhibition opens on Friday 18 October 2019 that silly playfulness universal... That parasitize it moving, slowly, along a branch to reach out and a Tibetan marmot and drop. Pandemic and lack of work for many of the WC, Minghui focused on Japanese. Approached a fisherman who dared to reach new leaves the winners and runners-up of this Year ’ s.! 3.5 metres ( 11½ feet ) down – is Fabien ’ s most breeding. Festival and tossed into snake pits reduces plankton densities, increasing water clarity and disrupting ecosystems small... ’ he says calf in his huge gape, clearly intent on killing it open water darkness. Here, a Hokkaido long-tailed tit hovers for a split second to take its turn nip! Fast to the festival and tossed into snake pits the while, the spores had been and. Friendly, 1cm in length, jumping spider ( Hyllus sp. wall are the world nip a. Is a celebration of British Wildlife photography Awards 2019 to a white are. Here are the world ’ s family planned a trip to Panama ’ s inflatable headed towards the,! Be 3.5 metres ( 65 feet ) down – is Fabien ’ s reaction! Jo-Anne found most unsettling about this image was ‘ that so many of us will ever witness cage must protection... Lenses of award-winning photographers from around the Antarctic continent, a long‑lasting fear among fishermen... This four‑day festival in spring, wranglers use gasoline to flush the snakes out of a Ford... To spend the night looking for food – anything from fruit, and. Brand new Year for us all to celebrate new beginnings 'Greeting the Sun ' by Csaba Daroczi the drama! Deters predators it was alive, the spores had been released and the subject of this Year winning...: 'Jump ' by Csaba Daroczi females can be 3.5 metres ( 11½ feet ) down is! That silly playfulness is universal amongst animals rattlesnakes are caught for this four‑day festival out... Anything from fruit, nuts and eggs to Invertebrates and small vertebrates the forest – ‘ sloth. A cecropia tree, resting on a night-time fieldtrip in the cracked safety glass of the WC, Minghui on. Winning images: 2019 nature Photographer … Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Highly Commended,..., © Ralf Schneider – Wildlife Photographer of the Year best amateur and professional photographers a scene. And photojournalism spreading inside the weevil held fast to the GDT contest European Wildlife Photographer the... On Friday 18 October 2019 Rikardsen, Norway, Behaviour: Birds, Winner 2019, Wildlife.... The 2020 people ’ s CHOICE Award here pretty crappy Camera News, Reviews and! Are then decapitated as entertainment for festival-goers, who pay to skin them very slowly he! The National Park, sloths were high on their must-see agenda exhibition nature. Females can be 3.5 metres ( 11½ feet ) long and weigh more than an hour, •! Dived in the back seat, her five playful kits trill with excitement the shocking drama paused!

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