paras thillana lyrics

vadhanamathe viricane thanks in advance Famous Kathanakuthoohalam thillana - na thirda thom. Taanom Tanata dhira naa, dhir dhir, daani tom taa dhira naa, dhir dhir (the first line repeats as many times depending upon the variations of Parasu Thillana, the song link has 56 repetitions whereas we do 46 during practice, we may leave out a line each between the korvais!). Thank you Varsha. Film Songs Thillana is a display of nritta, or pure dance, involving complex and vibrant footwork set to rhythmic music. Thanks in advance (TIA in short, in future) ***** As I type this in the space provided below for "Quick Post", I find that I cannot highlight texts, nor does the email id come in blue with underline etc. Thillam Domari Lyrics,Thillana Mohanambal Movie Song Lyrics,Thillana Mohanambal Movie Song Lyricists, , lyricists. Ravikumar and Music Composed by the Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman. Paras Tillana. Thillana - Kamas - Adi Lyrics. k/Eka tALA. Hello Select your address Digital Music Hello, Sign in.

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